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A new lower weight to bring us into the new year!!

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A new lower weight to bring us into the new year!!

Postby stackers » Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:05 am

Hi everyone,

So I decided to set myself and anyone else that wants to join in a bit of a challenge to bring us into the new year. A new year which I believe will be a better year for our weights :D

So here's the go:

I currently weigh 81.5 kg, and with my goal weight of 65 kg, I want to challenge myself to be weighing in at 75kg by the end of January.

The goal is to eat healthily and do a decent amount of excercise and above all drink plenty of water!!

I know it will be hard for myself and anyone that joins in to make healthy food and excercise decisions over the silly season but im sure with the support on this wonderful forum we will manage.

So I'm starting today - 1st December 2009- I'm going to keep my food and excercise diary in here so that I am accountable to all the forum users as well as myself, might be helpful to mention that I am doing a low carbohydrate high protein eating plan.

Here goes,

Breakfast- Bacon and Eggs - lots of water with it
Snack - Egg and cheese/ham
Lunch - Ham and Salad
Snack - Egg and Cheese/ham
Dinner- Steak and steamed vegies.
Going to drink heaps of water!!
Excercise - Walking to and from work as well as going for a 30-60 minute walk or a 30 minute pilates workout!

Hope there are some people who want to join in!

SW: 95 kg
CW:81.5 kg
GW:65 kg
KG2GO: 16.5kg (it's getting so close now)
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