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12 Week Challenge- September to November 2006- Week 6

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Reply to Kate, Hayley and Ally

Postby FatGarfield » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:45 pm

Hi Kate, Hayley and Ally,
Yes, I am happy that my family and I reached a decision to stay away from the huge financial burden.

As far as my mother goes, she greatly upsets me, my father tries to stop her but she just continues. I will just let her talk to show respect. She makes me sad but luckily I have much better things in my life that is going on and happening.

Let's focus on ourselves, get fit and lose some weight...
This morning 52.8 kilos... wow..... I was so happy...

I am losing more and more weight, at a very slow speed but good enough for me... You guys have a lot to do with that... Can't thank you guys enough....

Thank YOU thank YOU....


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Postby kate_turner2000 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 1:40 pm

Hi fatgarfield :)

it is your own doing mate. we arent the ones putting food into your mouth of forcing you to exercise :) congrats to you and you should be thanking yourself for starting your weightloss journey :)

your mum will realise eventually that you are beautiful outside as well as in. keep going with the things in life that make you happy and she will notice why you are so happy :)

keep going you are making wonderful progress :)
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:54 pm

hey all
just a question. the sept-nov challenge is that til the END of nov or the beginning?
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Postby KimE » Mon Oct 09, 2006 4:09 pm

Depends on how everyone feels. Strictly speaking 12 weeks will be up mid November but I'm happy to go to the end of November.
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 4:14 pm

i dont mind, i just wasnt sure when the 12th week was lol.
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Postby Hayley » Mon Oct 09, 2006 4:17 pm

Hi Fatgarfield,

I hope you're feeling proud of yourself, you're making great progress and ditto what Kate said, you're the one who's doing all the hard work! Maybe your mum is jealous of you, my mum used to say stuff like that even when I weighed 51kg (eating disorder), and she still does - my hubby and I think that it's because she's jealous. She's overweight and doesn't have the motivation or willpower to do anything about it, whereas I am doing something about it and it probably makes her feel guilty. I think maybe your mum is doing the same thing. I'm so glad that you try not to let it get you down (as hard as it is to ignore at times, especially from your own mum), good on you for focussing on positive things. We are all very proud of you, keep up the brilliant work! xxx
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Postby Puffer » Sat Oct 14, 2006 5:48 pm

Week 1: 73.5kg
Week 2: 73kg
Week 3: 72.5kg
Week 4: 73kg
Week 5: 72kg
Week 6: 72kg

Sorry Im always a bit late posting these!
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Postby Ally » Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:39 am

better late than never Christina!!!! LOL
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