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6 week Challenge

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6 week Challenge

Postby princess87 » Mon May 24, 2010 10:57 am

Ok, so today monday 24th May, is the beginning of a new chapter!
I just turned 23, and it's time to stop the games!! I NEED to desperately loose the weight as this is tearing my life apart!
I am writing in here so that i hopefully will keep up the hard work, try to motivate others and motivate myself!
I am thinking about writing in my weekly weigh in's although i am scared of the results i will see :( Unfortunately i have digital scales and the battery is too low to measure my weight! I will get a battery and do a weigh in tomorrow morning (although i will try organise that monday mornings will be my weigh in's!)
I have a personal trainer and she is AMAZING, but i only see her once a week, she can't help me with the other 6 days!
I am setting myself goals to achieve as i can't seem to motivate myself!
My first goal is going to be in 6 weeks time!
The final origin game is on the 7th of July! My first goal is to fit my origin shirt comfortably by this date! I am get it on, but it is to tight to be worn in public! (WAY TO TIGHT!!)
Wish me luck!
Princess xo
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