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Winter Challenge

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Winter Challenge

Postby juliette » Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:32 am

Hi All
Are any of you interested in a Winter challenge? I know its cold and dark and in my case wet BUT spring is around the corner. I for one love spring and this year I want to be able to enjoy it with hiking and walking and riding - to get out into nature - to enjoy my body for the first time in years. So my challenge is to get healthy for spring. I have a lot of weight to lose and attitudes to change but Spring is good motivation for me - does it motivate anyone else?

My goals are simple but not easy.
1. I will keep an honest food journal everyday which includes the reason I am eating.
2. Listen to Jon's CD at least 4/week
3. I will take all my recommended medication (I am insulin resistant and frequently ignore my Dr.)
4. I will eat according to my endocronologists eating plan (about 1000 cal/day)
5. I will walk an hour/day
6. I will do weights workouts 2/week
7. I will weigh myself 1/fortnight and if I have lost more than 1kilo reward myself!!!

Set your own goals but stay honest and lets see how much we can lose and how good we feel by September 1, 2010. That gives us 12 weeks. I am hoping to lose at least 12 kilos - hopefully more!!! But most importantly for me I want to be honest and undo the thinking patterns that keep me fat.
I am going to keep posting regularly to keep my motivation going - please join me!!!

Take Care :D
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Re: Winter Challenge

Postby alizezz » Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:29 pm

Great! good luck!

Re: Winter Challenge

Postby juliette » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:22 pm

Week one of the challenge and I am off to a great start!! 1 kilo down!!! :P
I have been using the Jon Gabriel book and working with a food diary - the honest is a killer but really helpful. I really don't want to write down every little thing I eat or feel like eating but it is really helping me realise that half the time I think of food I am not even a little bit hungary but someother feeeling is driving my desire for food!! I am walking every day trying for 10000 steps but averaging about 6000 and feeling pretty good about losing a kilo including a camping trip with family over the long weekend !!
Feeling positive and focused:)
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Re: Winter Challenge

Postby court » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:32 pm

nice work Juliette that is an aweseom start and I think a great set of goals! :D
My aim for winter is to not let it get away from me! I have put on around 5kgs over the last month or so - so now it is time to give them back! :) If i can get in the ballpark of 66kgs by September I will be a happy camper! :lol:
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Re: Winter Challenge

Postby juliette » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:43 pm

Hey thanks for the support!
Good luck with your goals and I love your chart - might borrow the idea!!

Cheers and have a great day :P
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