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June 2011 Challenge

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Re: June 2011 Challenge

Postby ganymede » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:25 pm

Arghhhh, I've had a gain! Was at 84.4kg on Tuesday morning after an indulgent break at the coast! As of this morning, back down to 83.45kg so I have a feeling because I got straight back into it that it's coming off that possible??? Back to it 110% now but doubt I'm going to make my June goal of 80kg :cry: Really annoyed at myself but must keep pushing forward! My aim by next Friday is just to get back down to 82.75kg which is what I was before my big binge. Either that or 82kg exactly! Then onto 80kg's and into my July goal!
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Re: June 2011 Challenge

Postby bjam » Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:36 am

Hey Ganymede! I found that weight I put on took ages to come back off (well, it felt like ages, it was probably a week or so lol, but it was annoying because I had worked hard to lose it!) so that is awesome that you are seeing it drop off again nicely! It is quite likely that it was more about salt and sugar making you weigh more after a big weekend than actual fat or anything... but either way - I dont think we should feel too bad about these little side tracks because keep in mind they really are little in the scheme of things and it is nice to still be able to enjoy ourselves like this sometimes! The important thing is how quickly you get back to the healthy eating and how sure your mindset clearly is that you don't even need to question that the diet starts again on monday! (many times before now I would have just gone back to old habbits if I had a bad couple of days or even a bad afternoon! but this time I am determined :) ) - you are in it for the long term goal and sure, it is annoying to lose a few days or even a week, but when you consider what you have already lost and the amt of time you have been living such a healthy lifestyle it is really quite insignificant in comparison!

Keep going - you are doing great!
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