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13 Day Cycle Challenge - 3 Levels...loads of fun!

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13 Day Cycle Challenge - 3 Levels...loads of fun!

Postby PTchrystle » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:54 pm

Hey! I have organised this fun 13 Day Cycle Challenge for some friends on facebook.

I thought some more of us weight loss warriors might wanna join in the fun!

The Indoor Cycle Challenge is about busting your guts out on an indoor cycle (in a gym or at home)

...- Choose your level... Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced (see below)
- All Cycling must be done on a bike that can measure KM's
- You may include outdoor cycles but if you do, you should be in the Advanced team...
- You have only 13 days to complete the Challenge
- You cannot guess your Kms (aka cycle and Rpm classes are just extra cardio for you... which means your body will be freaking fit as by the end of this... especially if you keep that diet clean)

Beginner (approx 5kms per day) - Total of 65kms in 13 days.

As a beginner you might not have done a fitness challenge before, or perhaps you never cycle... this is the entry level to weight loss, fitness and enjoying a bit of bike time.

Intermediate (10kms per day) - Total 130kms in 13 days.

Intermediate cyclers have done a class or two before, or own their own bike... but might not normally do tonnes of cycle. You would fit into this catagory if you are a little time poor but would normally do the advanced level.

Advanced (15-20kms per day) - Total 195-260kms in 13 days.

Advanced cyclers own a bike, and do outdoor rides each weekend, they add cycling into their weekday workouts and perhaps participate in triathlons or long distance rides and challenges on a regular basis.


Choose your level, prepare yourself for an awesome 13 days... then click to accept the challenge... The official thing is on my facebook page below... jump on and find the link to get motivated with me!
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