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Shelley's 12 Week Challenge

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Shelley's 12 Week Challenge

Postby ganymede » Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:35 pm

I am back at it again and determined that this will be the last time! I have enlisted the help of Lite n Easy for my food and am back to walking 45 mins/5 days a week. I am wanting to challenge myself to get back down to the weight I was before everything went downhill again, which is 76.3kg and to get lower again! I have a fair way to go but I am determined!

My 12 Week Challenge begins Thursday 25th October, 2012 (because I have been doing the right things since last Thursday and will begin from my weigh in weight on this day) and it ends on Thursday 17th January, 2012 (not that what I am doing will change but this is to challenge myself to push myself to get there asap!)

SW: to be confirmed Thursday
GW: 84kg (I may lower this depending on how much I lose from this week)

Feel free to join me for the up's and down's of the 12 Weeks. I know that this is a hard time of year, we're all starting to wind down and think about the holidays. I work in retail and I'm starting to wind up and stress out about Christmas :P But I still get 4 days off :) And I am determined that this Xmas will NOT see me spiralling backwards into the depths of self hate, depression and comfort eating. I will have Xmas lunch and dessert (as most of us will :mrgreen:) and some much needed beers but once that is done, I am back into the swing of things and losing the kg's again!

So, who wants in!? :D
- Shelley

"You get whatever you settle for."

GOAL: To live life happy and healthy, to experience nature to the fullest through hiking, wading and climbing. To have that everlasting energy to achieve the things I want to achieve.
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