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Found my dieting achilles heel

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Found my dieting achilles heel

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:20 pm

Sorry, long confession to follow!

I'd been so good this week. Portion control is still a bit of an issue, but I've only been eating healthy food and I'm trying not to eat quite so much. Only last night I completely stuffed up.

I didn't even want wine at first! It was only after chatting to my partner and the topic came up that I thought I might get some. For once I wasn't even that keen. I'm wishing I'd simply stuck to green tea, but instead since I had to go to the library anyway I thought 'maybe' I'd get some wine.

I decided that I'd return the books and see if there was anything else I wanted to borrow from the library. And if I found some books I wouldn't get any wine because I didn't want to carry too much back. Except the library was closed. So I got a bit grumpy. So then I decided to get a bottle of wine as an Aldi store had opened around the corner. Except THAT was closed as well! So by then I was mega grumpy, knowing I'd have to face a night of freelance work I'm hating at the moment, that I had no books to read and Aldi closed a lot earlier than I thought which meant I'd have to walk further and my feet hurt.

So I went to Safeway and got a cask of red wine and a packet of vegan chocolate bikkies. :(

On a further downside I had about four glasses of wine, though they were spaced out because I was up until two in the morning working on this damn freelance project.

However, on the upside I didn't eat the entire packet of bikkies for the first time ever. I restricted myself to three, gave my partner three, and there are several left over today and I haven't even thought about touching them yet!

And I've decided that this was actually a good experience in the long run. Prior to this I didn't realise I was an emotional eater (and emotional drinker). Now that I know that I tend to lose willpower when I'm stressed I'm better equipped to deal with this in the future.
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