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Friday must be my oops day!

Weightloss Confessions where you can confess your weight loss sins.

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Friday must be my oops day!

Postby ali76 » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:06 pm

Forgive me slimmers for I have sinned....again!

Fridays must be my lack of willpower day!

Today I was feeling a bit tired and trapped so decided to go for a walk (well, a casual stroll) to get out of the office. My boss was about to start a teleconference so couldn't get out and asked me to pick up a shortbread or something naughty for him. SO...while I was out I bought myself a Cadbury Dairy Milk (the 55g bar - not a block!)...and enjoyed the lot!

My confession is, that I don't really feel guilty! I put it in my CK diary and I'm not over my limit if I go to the gym as intended and have my salad for dinner :P

I know it's still naughty....but oh well!! :twisted:
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Re: Friday must be my oops day!

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:01 pm

Why is it naughty? You've accounted for it in your calorie intake for the day, you were happy with a small portion, you enjoyed it and you're still fitting in your exercise and healthy eating around it. I think you've demonstrated a healthy attitude towards treats, not a sin that you have to do penance for!

Good on you, Ali! I think we need a 'Yay Me!' section of the forum. This post belongs there, not in the confessional! :wink:
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Re: Friday must be my oops day!

Postby zeedeveelgirl » Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:08 pm

That's not naughty at all, mate!! You accounted for it, it fits into your calories for the day so where's the prob?? It would have been a problem if you'd not counted it, or gone for the 250g block and scoffed that!!!
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