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Postby Sussy » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:33 am

I have to take responsibililty for what i've done and that is i've OFFICIALLY FALLEN OFF THE WAGON. :twisted: GGGGRRRRRRR!!!!

I had a couple of days off and was supposed to start back on track again today and I've blown it. :oops:


I'm so good for ages, and then i think "well i'd like to treat myself for a couple of days" but then a couple of days turns into a week and so on....It makes me so agro and frustrated, what do i do, just never treat myself again and eat diet food forever (but i don't think i could) coz i hate the guilt of trying to get back on the wagon and failing.

Sorry, just had to vent and own up to my stupid,pathetic, loser behaviour!!! :cry:
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Postby ali76 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:38 am

OI! Stop it - you are not a loser (unless you count the kilos you've lost).

You're a machine Sussy - you exercise so much and you're always accountable for what you eat.

The important thing is not that you've fallen off the wagon, but that you can acknowledge that you have! Don't concentrate on the bad things you've done, think about the good things you can do NOW. Make up for it, go for a walk or a run, have a healthy salad for're allowed to treat yourself - after all, it has to be a change of lifestyle - not just for the next few months.

You've done so well and you know you can keep going. Don't beat yourself up about it. Up you go - back on that horse!
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