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mourning the loss of my dark chocolate!!!

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mourning the loss of my dark chocolate!!!

Postby sansarella » Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:52 pm

I deleted my previous post, cause I needed a whinge and couldn't find an appropriate section, but think the confessional may do.
I really dont want to do numbers, for me once before it got obsessional and depression set in. So I dont want to weigh myself either, I will just go by the way my very tight clothes feel. I am doing the healthy eating, but I find myself dreaming of the day I can eat Lindt dark chocolate with chilli. I am mourning the loss of my love affair with my favourite food, but at the same time have my eyes on the prize 60 kgs. I wont be using a ticker factory for the reason I dont want to know what I weigh. I'm guessing I need to lose about roughly 6kgs.
I do need to be healthy more for the reason of appearances. I had gestational diabetes with one of my pregnancies and so am prone in later life. I had an addiction to lollies and dark chocolate, notice I said had, I'm trying to kick it. I dont want to ever give up dark chocolate.
I have the situation of being a very good dieter or a very good glutton, but not the maintenance part, that befalls me everytime, which is so very frustrating.
If someone knows the secret of maintenance I'd be very indebted to you. How does someone stop at one dark chocolate? :shock:
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Re: mourning the loss of my dark chocolate!!!

Postby Rosie Peters » Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:11 pm

Hi Sansarella

What's your plan? What are you going to eat and at what times in the day? What will you be doing for exercise? :)
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Rosie Peters
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Re: mourning the loss of my dark chocolate!!!

Postby Glenny » Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:18 am

a very good dieter or a very good glutton

The question is what happens in the middle? Do you stop a diet by reaching a goal then relax and go back to old habits? They do die hard you know. I can tell you that it is most likely not the food you're eating at the dinner table that's the problem. It's the little habits that form around other activities. Say you have a favorite TV show. do you automaticly go for a snack at the same time? Or some people grab a magazine and eat reading it. It's this type of eating that adds on the weight because you're not even aware of what your doing, it's a habit. The way to break this is of course to stop doing the activity and replace it with something that means you can't eat. Ok your not going to give up your fav show BUT instead of the snack treat this time as facial time. The type you can't move your mouth or you'll crack your mask. Or if you can give up the show do something like a relaxation DVD.

Do you get the point? Make it a point to eat sitting down and just enjoy the taste of the food. Try to break the eating in front of the TV, snacking with the magazine, eating while working type habit and you'll kick the glutton side in the Butt.
A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit. ~Author Unknown
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