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Camping Trip: the good and the bad

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Camping Trip: the good and the bad

Postby lizzy85 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:33 pm

Well this long weekend I went on a camping/4wd trip. It was a great weekend and i was determined to stick to my healthy eating, despite being surrounded by sausages and bread all weekend. I took salad veges with me ( lettuse, cucumber, tomato) and some fruit along with water and diet coke. As the only female going i was put in charge of the shopping so i made sure there was chicken breast for the bbq and of course sausages and steak for the boys. I went the whole weekend without a single sausage ( :D Yay me!!). The only thing i did have was a handful of lollies :(
Another problem i encountered (but overcame )this weekend was the two stops at maccas. One stop the first morning for breaky and the second was the last stop on the way home for dinner. The first stop was fine i took some fruit in and sat there eating that as the boys felt horribly unhealthy scoffing down egg and bacon mcmuffins. The second stop i had to eat something beacuse we hadn't even had lunch so i had a McChicken burger and a diet coke. No chips and no full strength coke and no extra chicken nuggets.
So overall i was pretty happy with my efforts this weekend, despite a few naughty things. Anyway i will find out tomorrow when i have my meeting with the scales. fingers crossed the scales are nice to me.


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Re: Camping Trip: the good and the bad

Postby Tarz » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:42 am

Congrats Lizzy. Its ounds like you did a great job with your eating while camping. And you should be proud that you didn't spend then whole time munching and that you only had maccas once. If you still don't feel like you did a good job then think about what you would have eaten if you hadn't been behaving yourself. Maccas for breakfast, chips and lollies the whole way to the camop ground, normal coke and some alcohol, a few sausages, the maccas when you get back with chips and nuggets and all the extra fried food that just isn't needed. You did well and i am sure the scales will show it!
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