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Cheating to get a green tick!

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Cheating to get a green tick!

Postby Runner » Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:44 pm

Well I've been abit silly this week. I use CK to figure out how much energy I'm eating. Usually I do the right thing and include everything I eat and the right amounts. I love getting that green tick each day! Anyway this week i've been cheating abit. I can't stand not getting the green tick, so I have been 'adjusting' the amounts I have eaten. For intance today I probally ate about 200grams of saltanas (I am so addicted to the little guys, I just can't get my head around how my kilojoues are in them! I mean there fruit they have to be a good option (of course they are but in the right proportions)) Anyway I ate half the packet, say 200grams. When i went into CK and my kilojoules were well over, I started 'adjusting' everything. I told myself Okay maybe it wasn't so many sultanas, adjust that to 100grams. Now I'll only have 100grams of potatoe mash tonight, (yeah right!) and those bread rolls weren't that big, half again. And Volia! Green tick!
Then if that dosn't work, i reset my energy expendure to 'active' and tell myself i did carry that microwave from the stock room. Basically I cheat.
So tomorrow at weigh in I'm hoping to break even. Next week I won't lie to myself.
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