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...I have sinned...

Weightloss Confessions where you can confess your weight loss sins.

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...I have sinned...

Postby Sassyt » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:48 pm

Hey All

I figured let me have a confessional thread where I will come and confess all my sins as with weight loss one's bound to have those days... I dont plan on visiting this site more often but whenever I dodge the gym or eat really bad I will come here and confess so I can atleast keep track of my wrongs...

For end o March I plan to be @ 93kg but if I keep having slip ups I will not get there... I had a worst weekend I had no where to go I was @ home doing nothing but sleeping, waking up & eating (bad foods) I still stand very firm with my 93kg for end of March though, I am glad this bad weekend happened while its still just the beginning of March I can still do damage control.

I then pledge to be good from hereon I will exercise 3-4 times a week and swim once a week, I will eat well and hope to get the good results end of the week :)...

I read somewhere where the writter insisted on cheating on your diet once a week :roll: I dont know how effective this can be but if I do cheat I will still confess. The writter of this article was assuring us (the readers) that cheating on your diet gives you control over the whole weightloss journey and it fools your metabolism into thinking that you are not dieting so it wont hold on to every fat it has got... Makes one think hey...

Till then
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Re: ...I have sinned...

Postby rebeccawhiterabbit » Sat May 29, 2010 6:46 pm

One of my friends does the cheating thing once a week and it works well for her. she says you can only cheat once a week once though not all day once a week eg ig you want a fry up on a sunday morning thats fine but no takeawy sunday evening and hot chips at the footy as well etc.
it seems to work for her - I guess everyone is different - how is it going for you?
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