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Logic does work!!

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Logic does work!!

Postby Kirsten » Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:03 pm

I have been seeing a couple of personal trainers now for a few months. One is a drill sergeant and I see her three times a week. She believes in massive amounts of cardio, protein shakes etc. I don't think she would have ever had a weight problem herself but I love her work outs (after I have done them of course).

The other is a yoga teacher (Jacquie) who has a personal training business and has been very overweight herself. Jacquie believes in nutritious foods, no protein shakes etc, cardio but not overdoing it, however, she really concentrates on the correct posture etc for exercise.

Bear with me - this is interesting...............

Over the couple of months I have been going, I have noticed that I have toned up and noticed that my clothes are getting loose, however, only I know that I have not been too good with my eating and in fact, have not changed my habits much since starting with my trainers.

Jacquie, obviously noticed this and asked me to take note of what I ate for a week. When I saw her the next week, she got out of her car and set the record straight. She now knew what I knew which is that my diet was crap. Although I eat healthy foods, I eat far too much of them.

So, sitting me down, she explained that I needed to go back to basics which is eating 3 fruit and 5 vege per day. She gave me a little chart that she had done up for me and some blue tac for the wall.

I also purchased myself a set of digital scales.

What Jacquie also explained to me was that I needed to get on the scales after getting out of bed EVERY DAY!!!! The reason for this is that, as she explained, one meal could blow my whole weeks worth of good eating out the window.

What has been interesting is that I started losing weight rapidly just be eating the 3 fruit and 5 vege with a little meat and pasta of course but what has really opened my eyes is that I got a bit complacent one night and ate a BIG bowl of ice cream.

The next morning I jumped on the scales and had put on 1.8 kilos (nearly everything I had lost in four days). It is now the second day after my purge and I have maintained yesterday's weight which clearly shows that one little pig out has drastic consequences when you are needing to lose weight.

I agree that we should all not deprive ourselves of what we like, however, in order to enjoy that priviledge, this shows me at least, that I need to lose a few kilos (like 10 kilos) first before I want to slow my progression down by splurging.

It also shows that you can do all of the cardio and exercise in the world, however, unless you look at the quality of food you are eating, it won't mean a thing.

Just thought I would share in case somebody else has had the same experience or this helps somebody else. :D
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