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Started good but then...

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Started good but then...

Postby cynara » Wed Sep 28, 2005 10:10 pm

Went down hill....

Fibre cereal with hilo milk

Pumpkin soup with 2 slices of bread no butter


Stirfry noodles the other brought home from his mums place (indonesian style cooking - most meals look like they came from a chinese takeaway doh)
Then he pulled out a 6 pack of donuts and said he didn't want any - I ate three and nearly cried forced him to feed the rest to the dogs.

Can't exercise today due to my calf muscles totally seized from the huge workout.... well walking around Araluen up and down big steep hills and lots of stairs.

My hardest time of the day is straight after lunch - Got into the nice little habit of eating a couple of funsize choccies hense now addicted to after lunch munchies - today I got through that only to have Matt come home with Donuts - he has been told not to bring anything else home ever!!!

Postby Dolly » Wed Sep 28, 2005 11:15 pm

Hi Cynara,
Perhaps you should stock the freezer with a few Healthy Choice dinners so the next time Matt comes home with a fatty tasty meal from his mothers, you can quickly grab a Healthy Choice pizza or dinner or something.
If you're hungry in the late afternoon and totally not hungry in the mornings. You could delay all your meals a couple of hours, I did that for a while it seemed to help.

And going through the house and bagging everything with sugar in it might help too.
Place the bag of sweet stuff in his car out of your sight, perhaps in time he'll understand they're no longer a treat for you.
I know what's right but every now and again I still need help in this area myself.

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