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Broken already!!

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Broken already!!

Postby josiebellabirdie » Wed Jan 31, 2007 8:34 pm

So started monday off with the good intentions of starting the diet and sticking to it. After having a very nice breakfast of cereal and fruit I was doing OK.

HOWEVER, come mid morning I am so starving that I went and got myself a donought and choc milk from the 7/11 near work. There goes the diet :cry:

I haven't been too bad the last two days. Mind you, I have had a slice of cake both tuesday and wednesday (for birthdays - damn them) and I am still drinking my choc milk (I am addicted to that stuff - Classic Chocolate Milk - the BEST!!!!!) but for the most part I have been good. Just wish I could RESIST the temptation. I have been sitting here tonight craving chocolate (it doesn't help that I chose to start my diet the same week that I get my period :?

One good thing is that I am doing alot of walking, to and from the train station each day, which is 20 minutes each way and taking the dogs for a walk (between 30 to 45 minutes), so maybe there is hope that I may have lost something this week. Worst thing is that we are going out for dinner tomorrow night and then going away for the weekend on friday, to the beach where there are mainly fish and chips shops :roll: Don't know how I am going to resist!! HELLLLLLLLP!!
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Thu Feb 01, 2007 6:50 am

Hi josie well done for the walking. firstly let me say that the first few weeks are always the hardest. pick yourself up and learn to say no to temptations. i have been to many birthdays and have said no to cakes- even if i have made them myself! i can relate to the flavoured milk. i was addicted to expresso coffee Dares since i was pregnant! one or two a day! but when you continuously walk past the fridge section at the shop you will start to totally forget they are there. you can do it josie just just back on the wagon and look at it as changing your eating habits for life-not just a diet.
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Postby SarahC » Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:14 am

Hi Josie. The walking sounds great :D Maybe you could try bringing your own snacks and lunches in to work, so then you don't have to go and buy stuff. It takes a little bit of extra effort the night before, but it is so worth it! Also, try to not carry so much cash in your purse, then you won't be able to purchase anything (unless they let you buy donuts with eftpos/credit card :lol: )

Not sure about the chocolate milk... maybe try switching to the BigM Lite?

On your weekend away, if the place you are staying at has self catering, maybe try some home cooked meals? Or go for some healthier takeaway options. But if it comes to that remember... seagulls love chips!! If you eat them all yourself, there'll be none leftover for the seagulls :P

Good luck resisting the temptations. After a while you won't even notice them!
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Postby KimE » Thu Feb 01, 2007 6:02 pm

It is a tough journey we are all on there's no doubt about it. One step at a time and learning to say 'no thanks' is a great step to take. After you do it once you can create a snowball effect and pretty soon people won't even offer things to you. At our work place free food is on offer a great deal. I used to come home excited and tell my hubby that I had resisted free tim tams or free chocolate or free cake and we would get a big buzz together it actually made me feel empowered somehow that I had taken control. As Sarah mentioned preparing your food ahead of time does save a lot of angst. Make sure you pack enough food for the day though so you are not tempted to nip out for something else. Hope you have a great weekend no matter what happens. :D
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