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Slipped up BIG TIME!

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Slipped up BIG TIME!

Postby tiffanyp » Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:53 am

Well guys and girls. I struggled last week with keeping on track and this weekend was even worse!!

I do this every time! Lose a few kilo and then put them ALL back on again just to feel depressed and sad and sorry for myself!

I have not even stepped on the scales as I know I will be dissappointed and put off from doing so!

I have eaten pizza, drunk red wine, snacked on biscuits, reduced my water intake :shock: and basically been a gross pig!

Today I have come to work with my apple, banana and my water and I pray to god that I can stick to eating just this for today, at least until lunch when I can grab a tin of tuna!

My husband did the shopping and he purchased chips, biscuits, ice cream, fritz, and all the gross fatty foods that he could find!
I cant seem to get him to realise that full cream milk and starchy white bread is not healthy for any of us! My kids were eating wholegrain breads and low fat, hich calcium milk a week ago!!!
It is so hard to have the temptation there and watch everyone else snacking and eating away at the wrong things!

I really need to lift my game and take this weight loss seriously.

Thanks for reading my ramble. I feel heaps better by venting.

I just wish I could stick to eating small portions and the right foods!
Instead of being so weak and eating bad stuff!

Tiffany :oops:
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Postby originalmel » Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:06 pm

oh Tiffany, I have been there so many times before. I really feel for you. Just remember, when you lose a few kg's you have to be constantly on gaurd, as there are so many things working against you at first.

There's your hormones adjusting, and trying to get more fat again. Your mind plays with you when you see the numbers go down on the scales, and you think "well, I've lost 2.5kg so I can eat pizza just once". Then you start the whole binge/withhold cycle again. There's those nasty physical cravings too. And to have to do it while you have all those terrible snacks at home! Well that would get me off the wagon for sure!!!!!!!

My suggestion would be to reflect on anything that has worked well for you previously. Think about what it felt like, why it worked, how you knew it would. As my Psychologist said to me once "you've already done what works, you just have to keep doing it."

Try to get excited about the journey. Change your thinking from it being a struggle, to it being a new and exciting life. Then have a good talk to your other half and ask him for his help in not having those foods in the house.

Forget about weighing yourself, it will mess with your mind. Just watch those clothes get looser. But aim to do it slowly. You don;t want to shock your body or the craving will beat you. There is some great info on about diet etc.

Lastly, check up on here at least daily, and take every bit of support you can get from these inspiring people. Your chances of great things are multiplied so much if you have support.

Don't starve yourself too much today. It's a gaurantees way to fail. What's done is done. Your new life starts here!!!

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Postby Justjudy » Mon Feb 05, 2007 6:32 pm

I know it's hard. I have been there too, and partners can be the biggest hurdle of all. Have you tried to talk to him about your goals and why you want to acheive them? Maybe he doesn't realise how important it is for you to eat well (and the kids as well). Keep your chin up, and remember that if you fall off the wagon, don't say "I'll start again tomorrow", say "Stuffed up! Start again now".
Judy :)
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