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Katies Progress map

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Katies Progress map

Postby beau-peep » Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:30 pm

Well umm I guess I decided to do this so I can map my progress and have it actually written down somewhere. The last 2 weeks, I have been concentrating on the type of food that I eat... so basically I eat as much as I want (to an extent) as long as its healthy food. Since sunday, I have decided that I am going to start cracking down on quantity and then when that is all under control I will move onto exercise. So far it has gone really well, I have been keeping a food diary and am totally surprised at how you don't actually have to eat that much. I have pretty much halved my daily intake of food (well kind of) so my basic daily food intake now looks something like this. (Oh well, I have been getting a little hungry but when i do i just drink a glass of water... I'm just waiting a few days for my stomach to shrink down)
-half cup home made muesli, skim milk
-small handful (like a bit less than a tablespoon) currants/ small piece of fruit
-multi grain bread with a little ham, lettuce, tomato, carrot/ other salads
-fruit/bran muffin (basically just cooked bran with skim milk a little honey and fruit, no butter or sugar)
-small serving of dinner with more protein than carbs.... eg.... small brown rice, chicken and vegies
-LOTS of water

I'm not into weighing myself as I am quite muscular and always get depressed when I pop on the scales... I put it down to muscle weighing a bit more than fat!

I have decided to do measurements though. have no idea how long it takes to see some real results... but I am aiming to get into a casting/modelling agency and i had a look and saw what their basic measurements where.... and so now my goal is to get a waist that is under 70 cm for a start. And pretty much bring down all my other measurements (except the bust!). Then i think i will try and get it under 65 but I am not sure if that wll be too skinny for me.

Height: 176 cm
Hips:92 cm
Waist:71 cm
Thigh (biggest part at the top): 59 cm //58 cm
Bust: 97
Booty: 101 cms

If anybody has anything to share/tips or whatever I am all ears! But other than that i think I will just have this spot just to write down my (hopeful!) progress.
Katie :)
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Re: Katies Progress map

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:46 am

Good luck Katie! I'm looking forward to reading about your progress. I hope you manage to get into a casting agency. It's great that you've got something like that for motivation. I'm sure you'll get there!
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Re: Katies Progress map

Postby sassi » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:22 pm

good luck from me as well katie! it sounds like you've got a plan there that should work for you :) what sort of exercise do you think you'll start with?
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Re: Katies Progress map

Postby beau-peep » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:18 pm

welll for exercise at the moment I do just some basic strength exercises before i go to bed (pushups, situps, thigh raisers etc) and i like to do some skipping when I have the time.... as well as go to the gym for some kickboxing! Starting this thursday, I have training for basketball twice a week, 5 weekly 45 minute exercise sessions for school fitness. So not that much yet, hoping to step it up with some daily running...but I've jsut got to get into a bit more of a routine first.
Thanks for all your concern!
Katie :)
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