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Dave's Second Chance

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Re: Dave's Second Chance

Postby Yogi-Bear » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:11 am

Hey Dave,

Good to see your message. U R the comeback kid!!

I didn't mean to peg you, just state what i think well-being means.we are in the business of healing, and reflecting on your assessment of your history, i agree that you have come miles and miles in the short time i have known you. i agree there is more to life than weight-loss and i have the same hunger as you do in getting a lot more for myself while on this planet.

it is like we are halfway through building a decent house for ourselves. we can see the enormous work in front of us and it is quite scary because we are having to do it mostly ourselves. by finding a better forum we are kind of inviting master builders into our lives, to help and support us as we go along. maybe it is the Lord you are having to lean more heavily on, whatever we need the help.

but I don't think you have any chance of slipping back into your old ways. you will just get stronger and stronger, better and better off. you are like stallone in Rocky 150.

one thing i have found in well-being is to have little routines. tonight is sunday and i take one of my children to the indoor pool every week at this time. ok, it doesn't solve everything but they have a hot-tub there and i am getting to know some nice people. it is a nice way to reflect on the up-coming week. it makes me stronger too...kicking back in the hot-tub....dude i'm outta here!!
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Re: Dave's Second Chance

Postby milkyway » Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:24 pm

Hey Dave - just stopping by to say 'hey'. Hope you're doing well? I've had a bit of a crazy time this past 6 months. Actually it's been a big year for me - new job, 2 x house moves, 2 x office moves, new dog, new injuries and a veggie patch - quite a mixed bag! But here I am, back at square one, well, actually square minus one. Oh well - gotta start (again) somewhere, eh?

happy new year!
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