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Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

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Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

Postby Helena08 » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:22 pm


I thought I would begin my weight loss blog today. I am 5'5" and 26 years old. Have been dieting for as long as I can remember and I am a yo-yo dieter, my weight always going up and down. This is the heaviest I have ever been. I put my weight in pounds as I am too scared to know how many kgs that is, although I do have some idea.

My goal weight is around 59kg and around 21% body fat. I also want to reshape my body and have better posture in my shoulders, I hope to do that with weights. If anyone has any other good ideas please let me know.

March 02, 2008
Starting Weight: 160lb
Body Fat 29%
Waist: 81cm
Chest: 99cm
Hips 105cm
Thigh: 65cm

I went to gym and did 1 hour of walking on inclination 2 for an hour while watching Friends.

Here are my before pics, taken today. Sorry about the in the mirror shot, I need to work out how to use my Cameras Timer button. I am quite bloated today so that should be reduced next time I take shot.

PICS ... 08_photos/
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Re: Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

Postby Bel Diamante » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:16 pm

Hi Helena! Best of luck with your journey!! My little sister's name is Helena too, its not a very common name and its very pretty (although she doesnt think so LOL). Anyhu babe, I'm looking forward to hearing of ur progress.

xx Nic xx
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Bel Diamante
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Re: Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

Postby shelbel » Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:03 pm

Hi Helena, welcome to the forum!! Its a tough gig at times, losing (and keeping off) weight. But so worth it! Im a yoyo dieter too and i get so annoyed at myself for slipping back into old habits and ending up back at square one. I feel like ive wasted my 20s! But anymore, not this time, this time im gonna do it once and for all! ......Are you in??? :D
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You'll find me in the almost there section :)
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Re: Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

Postby milkyway » Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:08 pm

Welcome to the forum Helena and all the best for your weightloss goals :)
Just keep moving! And don't be lazy...
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Re: Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

Postby Helena08 » Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:28 pm

Thanks Bel, Shel & Milky!!!

Shel, I am IN!! I can totally relate to the feeling of "Wasted my twenties" too, very sad isnt it? Lets do something about it!

Ok so my day today:

Had work all day, then went to gym quite unmotivated after work. I managed 30 minutes of cardio (7 mins bike, 15 mins elliptical, 8 mins walking) which was definitely better than nothing. But my eating was the biggest improvement, I ate today:

Birchers muesli, blueberries and bit of yoghurt
Chicken & Egg Salad
Quinoa, salmon & Vegies

I was a bit hungry at end of work day and before gym so I will endeavour just to eat a little more during day to prevent that big hunger again.
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Re: Helena's weight loss blog - with pics

Postby Mandie » Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:02 am

welcome aboard :) sounds like you're doing all the right things. best of luck!
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