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Chaypeta's Journal

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Re: Chaypeta's Journal

Postby wilmawalrus » Thu May 22, 2008 3:10 pm

Wow - just read your thread - you've done so very well - congratulations ! :D

I was a bit the same as you - first 10 kg came off reasonably quickly, but I've just come off quite a long plateau. It's frustrating, but I think you definitely have the right idea as far as eating realistically for your lifestyle ie. not denying yourself completely, but moderation. It's important to enjoy life, and food!!!

I'm sure with all your walking you'll get to your goal sooner than you think! I hear what you say too about having time to exercise whilst being a mum - it's quite difficult putting yourself first when you've got a family around sometimes. Having said that, I've managed some exercise today myself!!

Hope you get to do the Oxfam thing - friends of mine did it a few years ago, and even though it's gruelling, they enjoyed it. Good luck!

Lisa xx

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Re: Chaypeta's Journal

Postby holly80 » Thu May 22, 2008 3:13 pm

hey, i just saw this thread .... wow you have done really well, like the others have said, well done to you


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Re: Chaypeta's Journal

Postby Chaypeta » Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:13 pm

Back again! Had another busy month which was further complicated by my husband having to be away from home for long periods at a time. I've also been picking up extra shifts at work... we're seriously short staffed with people leaving, sick leave and annual leave resulting in lotsa' vacant Div 1. shifts that need to be filled. thats left me a few hours a dew days a week to work on my comic... ghhharrrrh! I'm never going to get back into a routine! on top of this I've had to spend a lot of mum time with my eldest son who is going through more then his fair shair of teenage issues which topped off this week with him getting into major trouble at school for cyber pranking on the school computers. Actually his practical jokes are bloody clever but they haven't amused our school principal and the boy is now PO about his suspension from school computer privilages. He was terrified of how his old man was going to react but Wayne is having a hard time being the 'responsible parent' about this as it's definately the sort of shinanigins he used to get up to. (At least Ryan isn't running a black market for smokes and alcohol on the school campus.... yet.)

In weightloss news I stayed stable at 65.5 kilos for two weeks over the end of May. A bit disheartening to see the scales stubbornly refuse to display anything lower. But then again I did decide to relax a bit munch as I felt over the middle weekend... I LUV crackers and french onion dip, hard jubes and chocky! I kept up my walking and even did another 12 km walk, this time without the three days post of hip pain. So in a way I'm glad because this fornight proved to me that I can splurge a bit without paying for it in the waistline.

The other cool thing is that last weekend my partner, who had been away on long service leave for the last eight weeks, rocked back up to work and made a big toodoo out of my shrinking butt :) This is the first time anyone at work has mentioned my reducing size as I haven't told anyone outside my immediate family that I'm activily getting fit. Wayne also finally told me last week how apparent my weight loss has become. Lotsa' compliments from the man. :)

It's not an offical weigh date but this morning when I jumped on the scales I found I've dropped to 64.7 (about 142 pounds). That means I've busted my goal of being 65 by my birthday by a whole month! So I'm updating it to 63 kilo's ( just under 139 pounds) to give me something to aim for.

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