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Maz's Journey

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Maz's Journey

Postby Mummy84 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:13 am

Ok so I have been really good for the last 6 days, i have eaten healthy and have walked pretty much everyday. My weight 6 days ago was 73.5kgs and now its down to 70.5kgs.. is this even possible.. i think its extra weight.. and i have heard that the first chunk of your weight goes off quickly and the last 5kilos is always the hardest to lose.. my goals is to be 55kgs which i havent been in about 6yrs.. yesturday i had a big breakfast which included lean beef(oven baked) with potatos and salad, lunch i have a fat free smoothie and i drank this while walking for 45mins. then for dinner i had a small fish fillet with salad and i jumped role for 5 mins ( SO hard i thought i could do more then that) as a snack to fill me up before dinner i had watermellon i felt like i was gonna explode even tho i didnt have that much of it.

Ok this morning i had my morning coffee with a teaspoon of sugar.. and my breakfast was fresh salad with boiled chicken breast (actually really nice) no salt or dressing. i dunno whats gonna be my lunch as yet but hopfully something tasty (yet healthy)

thank god for this forum, if i wasnt here i'd be snacking on chips right now!

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Re: Maz's Journey

Postby ali76 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:23 am

This forum really helps you stay accountable doesn't it?!

How are you going eating those big meals for breakfast? I think it would make me sick....I have to literally force down cereal...I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I HATE IT!! :evil:
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Re: Maz's Journey

Postby Mummy84 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:54 am

It sure does.. well cos i dont eat much for dinner i'm pretty hungry and i dont eat after 6pm so its like 15 hours of not eating.. I'm not used to eating in the morning either in fact my first meal would usually be around 3pm (and it was always filled with FAT, but i'm now trying to eat everyday at the same time.. i heard from my sister inlaw that it helps with losing weight.. i just did 2 and a half mins of skipping rope.. OMG i'm so out of breath. i'll have to do more later today.. i hope to bring that up to being able to do 10mins straight but its soooooo difficult but fun at the same time.. I'll be going to the shops with my little one so that can be my weight training for the day since i have to go to a few placed and keep putting the pram in and out of the car.. LOL
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Re: Maz's Journey

Postby Chaypeta » Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:03 pm

Hi Maz,
Your starting weight and goal weight are almost identical to mine, 'cept i started almost three weeks ago at 77 kilos. Your food choices look pretty good 'cept how do you manage to eat such a big meal in the morning? I can barely choke down my vitabrits but then my appetite doesn't kick in til around five pm, the problem with working nights.

I think you'll find a good portion of yourfirst weeks weight loss is actually water but thats a good thing because your body is finally managing to get down to a healthy fluid level without the interference of all those extra salts and sugars on board.

Good luck and drink lots of water. I live with a water bottle by my side. :D

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Re: Maz's Journey

Postby Mummy84 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:28 pm

HI Chaypeta, i suppose it makes it pretty difficult for u cos ur working nights.. i really dont know how it would work if you just swapped day for night and the other way around as well... do you do physical work on ur nightshift cos then if u do have a big meal you will at least work some of it off and if not u can always excersise after u eat.. i have a big brekkie and then usually go for a walk or jump rope or both.. im going for a walk now.. my days and nights are pretty all over the place too i have a 3 month old so i dont usually go to sleep until about 2 or 3 am, by the time i get him into bed and do what i need to for the following day it gets pretty late. we should keep in touch so that we can motivate each other..
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