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Alison's Progress

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Alison's Progress

Postby alison2006lucie » Wed Apr 02, 2008 4:47 pm

Hi. I just started my 'health kick' on Thursday of last week, but I'm already feeling so much better! (I actually have a cold though, which is a bugger, but it's forcing me to drink heaps of water so as to keep my throat from being so damn dry) I don't have any scales so I don't know if I've lost any weight.. Yesterday I power walked 8 laps of the oval at the uni, and today, we have rotten weather; windy and raining, so I did the nutbush for 30 minutes (12 freakin' times of the nutbush!!) instead. I was so sweaty (and still am) after, so, it must have made for a good workout. I know of some people who lost like 15 kilos just from doing Dance Dance Revolution, but, I don't have a playstation or a dancemat, so, I thought, "people still danced before there were dancemats", and got the nutbush up on youtube, and off I went. It was some hardcore nutbushing.
I suspect that at the moment I'm between 84-87 kilos, but I'd like to at or around 75 by my birthday in June, if not, no more than 80 at the MOST.

I've been eating really well. I haven't had any soft drinks (ONLY WATER! Yesterday I drank literally about 4 litres!) since Thursday, or chocolates, or lollies, or biscuits, or chips, etc etc etc etc. I work in fast food and we have a lot of 'regulars'.. There is a lady who can barely fit behind the steering wheel in her minivan, and is rather massive (I know this is mean), but it really helps to think about how much I DON'T want to be that big and have my life revolve around what time I'm going to Hungry Jack's that day... So. I bought about 15 of those little 70gram tins of flavored tuna and have had one of those on a soy linseed bread roll and two 600mL bottles of water for each meal. I've also had at least 3 pieces of fruit each day. I've got to work on my vegetable intake, but tomorrow night I'm having my sister come and stay with me at the dorm (and ususally we'd get a pizza or something) and I'm cooking prawns and brocolli with brown rice. It'll be delish, and I'll be sure not to over indulge. I'll also buy us one of those little tiny incy wincy Weight Watchers icecream tubs, I think, just for a treat.

I had about 3/4 cup of cooked pasta mixed with a 70gm tin of tuna in springwater for lunch today, and two oranges! I think I've had about a litre and a half of water so far and want to be to 3 before bed time.

I have a friend coming to visit me from the States this summer and I want to take her all around Tassie and do all the hikes and adventurous stuff I can. We're also going to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb (which will be my treat to myself!! It costs like 200 bucks!) in November and that requires a pretty good level of fitness. I just want to be able to be adventurous and gogogo and feel awesome, so... I'm so into it.

I'm so motivated, and I'm really glad to be here. You guys are all so inspiring! :) Thanks heaps for reading. :)
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Re: Alison's Progress

Postby Tarz » Wed Apr 02, 2008 4:57 pm

Hi Ali,

Doing the nutbush really does get a sweat up. I did a week back in January were i did the nutbush and 5678 by step. I did them over and over for about half an hour it really gets you tired!
You've been doing really well with your eating well done!
As for the harbour bridge climb, i'm jealous, i have done it before and want to do it again. I loved it! I went through a phase were i was doing all touristy stuff with my dad just for the fun of it like the harbour bridge, scuba dive at the great barrier reef and climbed Uluru. Your friend is gonna love it!
Well done on your journey so far.

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Re: Alison's Progress

Postby alison2006lucie » Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:04 pm

Thank you Tara! I am so excited to do the bridge climb! I'd ask if you had any trouble getting into the suit for the climb, but, I'm not gonna be a fatty in November, so I won't have to worry! (power of suggestion, anyone?! hehe)

I am really enjoying it so far. Of course, I'd love a freddo or something, but, you know, this is more important. :)

Thanks heaps.
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Re: Alison's Progress

Postby Cac33 » Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:21 pm

Hey Alison welcome to the forum. I think you are already on the right track you just need to keep at it. Good on you for thinking outside the box & doing the nutbush! What a great idea & gotta love youtube!

I look forward to reading your progress. :D


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Re: Alison's Progress

Postby alison2006lucie » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:17 pm

Thanks Cassie!
I'm doing well! I feel good! Doing the nutbush, I felt sorta stupid for the first time around, but, no one could see me, (although, I'm sure the people in my building think that something suss is going on in my room because of the constant banging noise and heavy breathing, hahah!) so, it was fine. I was so determined to get to 12 times through. The song is 2.37mins so I figured about 12 times would be 30 minutes worth. It was some serious cardio!! The nutbush is about all I have room for in my little bedroom, though!
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Re: Alison's Progress

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:27 pm

Welcome to the forum, Alison!

That's a great idea about the nutbush. You're right that people can still dance without a Playstation dance-mat (though I would do anything to get a hold of one!) I must admit I get bored with dance and aerobic DVDs and can't think up steps myself so I just get out the aerobic step, put on my favourite music and step away for 30 minutes.

Sounds like you're really motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Good on you! In a way it's good that you don't own any scales. That way you can concentrate on how you feel and how your clothes fit rather than getting fixated on the number on the scales.

Good luck!
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