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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:11 am

Hello :) Thank-you for your posts, and glad you're enjoying my silly ephipanies - haha!!

Well, I am 600g lighter than last week which is withint my goal weekly loss. I won't be able to reach my goal of 67 by August 23 but it's ok as long as I am headed in the right direction.

I have been doing pretty well healthy food wise, but still not back into the exercise routine. My friend is staying with me this week and we're going for a run in the morning, and will probably do that all week.

Nothing much else to say at the moment - oh hangon yes of course there is!!

Yeah, I lost my temp job, total bummer. It's a blow but it will all work out in the end.

My housemate gave me these 'pathces' called Pink Patches which are natural weight suppressers, and I'm sure they are working. I just don't seem to be caring all that much about food in an emotional sense, I'm eating for nutrition and energy but I'm not really thinking of my next meal, craving dessert, etc. etc. I'm just.... yeah, whatever.

They contain 5-HTP, L-glutamine, and some other food supplements which I was taking before as well in tablet form.

Anyway... yeah. That's about all for now. :)
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:33 pm


Well I'm writing again so soon because I am feeling a little bit impatient today. The scales were lower than they were again today, but today, instead of feeling excited and enthused, I am feeling like it's a lonnnnnnnng haul until the six-O. Well, it is really, will take a few months.

That's ok, it's not like I'm going to chuck in the towel just because I am feeling this way today, and furthermore, it's not like I've fallen off the diet because of this mood (it's only 8.26am and I've not yet eaten) and I won't today either. I guess it all comes down to patience.

Do you know what stinks as well? (Oh I am miss negativity today!!! Sorry, I will just have my rant, must have got up on the wrong side) When you finally do get to your ideal weight you're so blaze' about it. Hmm. Actually, I think I wil probably enjoy it this time. 1) will have got there by eating good food 2) I've really learnt to accept my body and even really like it's curves, as in, I will always be a little bootlicious at any weight. But one of my gorgeous friends over here, a French girl, is the same - very healthy and slim weight, but still has the booty curves! But I think it's attractive. So I think when I get to my ideal weight this time I will feel a lot more comfrotable in my skin.

Anyways I think perhaps this week I may not weigh everyday - so long as I feel confident I am staying on track with leaving reseves in the Calorie Bank every day - I may just leave in until... well, Saturday really, that's when I go away.

Until next time x
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:02 pm

Hello hello.

Wel,, I have been really quitre useless in the last few days, a lot owing to my friend being here, and social factorrs, eg. going out, wine an cheese... etc. But I have also let that poor eating spread to my along time. I do not want to let this get out of control and it STOPS HERE.

It took me ages to just lose 1 or two kilos and i will slap myself stupid if I put it back on again! No no no no NO it is NOT worth it. NO!!!!

We went for an exercise session the day before last which was great, and will go again today.

We ate at an american diner last night, shakes and hotdogs type thing, and i didn't enjoy that, bring on the healthy stuff.

And am I definately going back to weighing myself daily. I already let myself run free and wild yesterday because I hadn't weighed myself. I need it to keep in track. When the number is higher than desired, I want to eat well to get it down; when it is lower than expected, I''m inspired to keep going. When I have no clue whhere I stand, I do whatever, because I think I am invisible!!

I am not!! I have hit this barrier before, the one where I lose a couple of kilos and because I am feeling good about that I relax and adopt this carefree attitude where I think I can eat anything. I don't know how or why that stupid theory ever entered my brain, but it's one I really must work to overcome, because it's that type of thinking that will always give me a weight battle. Healthy diet is for life.

Eating lots of crap, too frivoulously = gaining weight = pudge
Eating healthily for the most part, every day, with occasional treats = maintain same weight
Eat very well, eat less, exercise = lose weight

That is how it works woman, I know this, so bloody do it!!!Or DON'T DO IT, in come cases. Every bit adds up. I can reverse any bad eating I've done in the last couple of days but the change needs to happen today, not tomorrow. No one ever failed a diet out of cheating a few times, diets fail from continuous cheats.


Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:47 pm

Good Morning - back from holiday.

So I returned from holiday yesterday and am very pleased to have lost 4kg... in ten days actually. Not completely healthy but I am not complaining!

I had a great holiday and did not diet. The things that contributed to the loss were:

*First hotel, didn't like the breakfast, ate yoghurt for breakfast
*Eating out, so ate three meals per day, rarely snacking
*Dancing on bars, lots of dancing! Also a fair bit of walking, swimming (but all for enjoyment, not exercise)
*Fell in love and lost my appetite! (No joke, I really did lost my appetite for a few days - it took me half an hour to force myself to get through tub of yogurt)
*A few resistance exercises with my friend, more fun than a chore
* In general not a huge appetite so rarely ate the whole meal - was concious of when I was full
* Watched what I ate, only to a degree - eg. not going crazy on the bread baskets

I made these points for reference sake but the truth is I really didn't set out to lose weight, I would have been happy to not gain. I did feel in the first part of the holiday though that I was losing and my friend said it looked like I had as well. It always seems to happen for me when I am not even trying!!

I only ate a couple of bits of chocolate on holiday, and only bought one bounty bar - which I regretted, I felt yuck afterwards.

I ate Greek food the whole time, and a lot of it not exactly calorie effecient!!

I think the most significant points were having three meals a day - allowing to build an appetite, smaller portions, plus the exercise, and possibly the yoghurt and fruit breakfasts were a good thing too.


On another note, I am so sad!!! I have been growing my hair for a year, and got a cut yesterday at the airport as our flight was delayed, and he cut practically all of my hair off. it was well below my elbows and he cut it all feathery and made me look like a wannabe punk rocker. I hate it so much!!!! (Possibly lost 4kg in hair, forgot to mention that) So I don't feel like myself wit my hair gone, boo hoo boo hoo. I know, it's only hair, get over it.

I had a really great holiday in and also got my job back.

Now that I have has that big loss, at 65.6 I am sitting below my 'usual' worry weight, which has been 66 in the past (70 was the worst ever). So now I have to be very careful not to just get 'contented' and go crazy, I need to continue my plan.

Same as I was doing before I left, eating three meals, healthy snacks, watching portion sizes and also making sure to fit in exercise.

Will continue weighing daily. I don't want to rest at 65.6, I want to keep that number going down down down until I reach my goal!
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:15 pm

Hi all.

My last post was a little haphhazard so I thought I would come on and try to articulate a little more clearly! I tried on a work skirt that I could not wear before, now it fits (and what's more, the shorter hair-do is a little more professional, I must conceed).

I realised that I have lost 5kg in a month, which is a significant amount. In fact, it is more than you should lose, according to the usual 500-1000g rule. I looked at my wall chart which shows my daily weigh-ins and saw that I typically was losing 100-300g daily before I came away, but that every few days it would go up by a little again, but then come back down, a little lower than it had been before. Ebs and flows, but with the eventual weight always ending up lower.

My holiday weight loss was intersting. I am the type of girl who will lose her appetite with a broken heart (sob, it's ok, just a little holiday thing, hehe), but only for a couple of days. In any case, certain changes were made to my diet and exercise routine while I was away which resulted in a 4 kg loss, so, however that happened, I think it deserves a look-in. A methodocal look-in!

3 meals per day (with optional snack)
We ate for every meal on holiday, which meant that we were eating 3 meals per day. Occasionally if we were hungry, we would eat a piece of fruit, or a tub of low fat or natural yoghurt for a mid-morning snack. The thing about 3 meals per day is that you allow your body to become hungry and you do enjoy your meals. On holiday you eat different types of food. That is important too - make your meals intersting, varied and full of flavour and you will be happy to wait for the meal.

I didn't starve waiting for breakfast or lunch. Not at all. We simply waited until we were hungry. Sometimes that was 12.30, sometimes it was 2pm. Then we ate.

The other thing I would point out, something I read, is that hunger signals (the rumbly stomach) does not always mean you really need food - the brain can give hungry signals to fix a balance that is more emotion-ralted than energy related. Sort of how the body tells you to seek out comfort food such as chocolate when you're sad or stressed - seeking serotonin to boost your mood. Apparently, according to what I read, the brain is concerned first and foremost with your emotional state not your nutritional state so sometimes these hunger cues are incorrect. Similarly, certain foods trigger further cravings. Have you ever eaten a huge bowl of pasta for dinner, only to have a rumbly hungry tummy an hour later? You think, 'how can that be, I just ate a big meal!'. Really your brain is probably just giving you hunger signals because the sugar in the pasta boosted your blood-sugar, and your serotonin, and then dropped, and so your brain is asking for more, to achieve that high again.

The point here is to be aware that rumbly tummy is not always hunger so I know I try not to run to the cupboard every time a hunger pang hits - think a little.

Portion Control
I had the advantage of naturally losing my appetite to aid portion control. Has that ever happened to you? I have experienced it before. It's when you have no interest in food - your body is giving you hungry signals and you basically have to eat to give your body fuel. You can't decide what to eat, because nothing takes your fancy. Very handy diet tool I must say, but not an affliction that is likely to stick with this little girl for too long!! As a result of my dwindling appetite, my portion sizes were smaller. I confess, there may have been a hangover thrown in there on one occasion (only one, I promise) which affected the appetite. The common denominator though was smaller portion sizes. I carried that over for the rest of the trip though, but without any sort of effort really. I ordered what I wanted and then I ate and when my body told me I was full, I stopped - sometimes leaving half the dish behind.

Eating Whatever you Want
What kind of things did I consume on my holiday? Frappocinno, souvlaki, spinach pies, halloumi, feta cheese, dolmathes, gyros, rice, bread, summer fruits, ice cream, cake, mousaka, fried potatos, salad, fried calamari, baked calamari, low fat yoghurt, boiled eggs, alcohol, pizza, crackers.

Hmm. Not exactly your usual diet food. How did I do that? It may not seem like it, but I did eat conciously. Within reason though! If I'd gone away and eaten salads for lunch and dinner every day, I could not have been any better off, I wouldn't have been happy or contented. I would have been panicked and pre-occupied.

I made sure to always eat a healthy breakfast. I've never really enjoyed started the day in fatty fashions anyway but I did crave the bacon and fried eggs, the rice pudding and the biscuits a little. So, one day in addition to my yoghurt I had a rasher of bacon and one egg. The next day, my friend and I each had only 2 teaspoons of a rice pudding in addition to our fruit and yoghurt. Yeah it was delicious and I could have scoffed the lot but I had my brain with me and just though, 'it's not worth it'. We tasted it, we said, 'that's nice', we put the spoon down, we pushed it away. The last day, I had a bite of the biscuit it breakfgast. It was quite nice but not amazing so I didn't bother with the rest.

For lunches and dinners I chose semi-carefully. I didn't go for full on fat each day, like pizzas and creamy pastas, but I just picked something I fancied. It's never really enjoyable eating something very greasy and fatty anyway is it. We made sure to choose salads some day, and some days we asked them to keep the bread basket away! When we got the basket, we ate one piece, not 3 or 4.

I think it's about eating what you want but within reason. Eat conciously and with your head screwed on, and with the consequences in mind. I would think, 'what would I prefer, this pie or a slimmer figure on the beach?'. Sometimes I chose the pie. Sometimes I chose the body. But as long as you're eating with your head.

For me, exericse has always been most effective when it happens effortlessly. Eg. a soccer game you enjoy, a dance session, a silly game of tip. I struggle sometimes with exercise routines and things I find mundace like walking or gymming (which will be a hurdle for me in these last few months in England, I may have to gym it!). We got a moderate amount of exercise on the trip but it was all extremely enjoyable. We danced the night away on bar tops... there are surely not too many forms as exercise as fun!! We walked around the town, exploring - something you do on holiday. My friend and I took the time out on our holiday only TWICE to do some little exerices, but they were fun because we did them together. We'd do sit ups in the water with out feet on the pool edge, we'd tred water. One day we did 1/2 our of resistance exerices in our room before the beach. One day we swam a few lengths from point A to point B in the ocean - it was lazy breast-stroke on my behalf - but it was about 1/2 hours worth and it was extremely relaxing and enjoyable. When I swam I also took notice of how my body was moving and stretching and pushing and pulling through the water.

No gyms, no pulling on the running shoes... just plain, enjoyable movements. I envy people who love the gym and I wish I was one of them. But if you're not, it's not the end of the world.

Being Happy and Keeping Busy
The one last thing I think which helped me lose weight on holiday is that I was relaxed and I was busy (riding around on quad bikes, or laying on the beach - all busy) and enjoying myself. It's really easy to want to eat when you're bored and in a rut. So it's important to keep your daily life interesting and varied I think, so that you don't fall into that trap. This is one that could be difficult to tackle, as everyday routine is really unavoidable, we can't always be jetting about on endless holidays unfortunately. I suppose recognising that rut, and trying to find something to get you out of it, is helpful.

Well, that is really the end of me just taking an analytical look and the way that I must have lost weight, quite unintentionally, on my holiday. Even though it was unintentional, I was started to feel slimmer half way through the holiday, and I certainly feel a lot better now. I can feel that I have lost a little bulk off my behind, so intead of there being two extra asses growing out the side of my regular one (you know what I'm talking about!), the whole region feels more pulled in. Also, looking in the mirror, I am definately beginning to see a more 'to scale' shape coming back in, as apposed to having all this bulk around my waist and hips. My boobs are feeling a little smaller. Not so great, but what can you do. Top is fitting better though. In general, just feeling a little more confident and in control.

Will be weird to go back to work tomorrow!! Since I was let go, I've lost 5 kg, I have a tan and a new hair cut, which really probably does look less 'crazy party girl' (for the mean time!!!).

I'm looking forward to continuing these healthy ways and also putting into place some regular exercise and seeing where I can get my body from here. The exercise factor is the issue at the moment.

Anyway must go - must go pretend I am still on a holiday!!!
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I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby Strawberry » Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:49 am

HC I am absolutely amazed!!! Just amazed, such a turn around in attitude! the holiday did you good! Nice a holiday fling lol. I'm green with envy lol wish i could lose that much in a month - well done, you've found something that works for you. it really is about enjoyment, fulfillment, portion control and listening to your head and stomach signals too.
you're hair will grow back - mine is in a funny state at the moment, it's growing out of its bob, looking very messy & can't wait for it to grow. At least yours looks professional. Glad u got ur old job back.
challenge & mantra time?
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:19 pm

Hey Strawb -

I have seen a couple of people recently with my same 'punky do' and I think the hairdresser was one of those INFURIATING types who just does what HE wants to do - i.e. try out the latest style - and not what I wanted him to do. My hair is a disaster zone but I have had to get over that coz it aint coming back! Boo. Hairdressers seem to have something against long hair. Even on those modfel shows, they're always saying, 'cut that scraggy hair!' Hmph!

So I have just come on here today to have a bit of a rant to myself really so it doesn't matter if no one reads it. So after my careful analysis the other day I have gone just slightly wayward, but really just due to me being stuck at home sick all day yesterday and bored out of my brains.

But then last night I was eating dinner and reslied that I wasn't really hungry and asked myself, 'Do you want the body more, or the food more?' The answer was the body and I put it down. The thing is I feel so so so so much better inside and about the outside, when I am not tipping the scales at my highest and so I really don't want to go back there. I don't think I will still be the same weight at my next weigh in as I really was eating a lot less on holiday and it was easier to do so. But doesn't mean I can continue the downward trend at a steady pace. I need to continue to eat conciously and be aware of my goals and the consequences my actions will have on my goals. And also remember the basic principles, which is that I always feel censored, withouth fail, when I binge eat on crap, and I always feel wonderful, when I have a healthy body and treating/using my body well. It's a wonder to me why I would ever binge eat as it achieves nothing.

The boredom factor is huge, but if I feel like eating for boredom I am just going to ride it out and see where that takes me, perhaps I will end up doing a more interesting activit.y

I have a heavy cold and cough and in general just feeling pretty crappy. It's super hard to feel motivated or organised about anything when you're feeling sick. I have been feeling a bit down lately about living over here in London as the weather is now so shocking and sliding down rapidly. I just keep dreaming of hot sunny beaches. My plan was to go home in December but I think I may go earlier. I am also just feeling uncertain about my future ppans and stuff. I don't know, sometimes I just get down.

I suppose I should be thankful for - when I think of some of the other cicumstances I have found myself in on this trip, I should be grateful. I just have nightmare flashbacks about some of the catering work I used to do, and some of the less-than-wonderful places I have lived in. My job is better now (for as long as i have this one anyway!) and my living arrangements much better. Lately though I think I am just realising that I am sortof getting over it here and really truly feeling ready to go back soon.

Anyway, thats my rant.
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:36 pm

To get this out of the way first- I have had a fairly poor weak, food wise. All excuses aside, that stops here because it's separating me from my goals.

I have had a few bits of chocolate and glad to say I don't think it has the same hold on me as it used to - I recognise now that it doesn't make me feel great, most of the time, when I eat it for the wrong reasons, it makes me feel sluggish. Having programmed myself to think about the effects and how I feel has really helped.

I went to the gym on Tuesday after work to speak to someone about membership. When I left I was really keen but wanted to think about it overnight. Well I am really proud of myself for not making a rash decision, which I can assure you is something I've been prone to do in the past, and regret it! I am getting wiser, hoorah! After sleeping on it for two nights I have decided not to join as it's just not cost effective for me at this time.

At first I was fretting this morning thinking, "What am I gunna do?!" without the gym to whip me into shape. But I've devised a plan, which I'll perfect later.

At the gym I had a brief chat with the chappy who gave me the tip of working one body area per day and really focussing on that. Good tip. When I do my exercises at home, I usally do 5 mins switching from this exercise to that.

So my plan is this:

To replace the weight machines in the gym, I will make my lounge room my gym. Every morning for 1/2 hour I'll do resistance exercises focusing on one area. So my areas to target are


I will write out a routine for each of these areas and rotate.

My work building has a small gym - no machines, but it does have treadmills. The chappy at the gym said the cross-trainer is where the calories burning is, and I do know that from my past gym experience. I don't think our smally little gym has those, but I am going to use my lunch break to do 40 mins of cardio. It's better than sitting on the lounge in the break room, right?!

The third tier to my plan is my eating, which I'm going to crack down on a little, as I have let slide a little lately. Over the months I have really improved my eating habits but I am going to try to do that more so in order to reach my goals. Namely, cutting out rice and pasta for dinner - which have snuck back in a little over the last week - that is no biggie, I didn't miss those before, and also making a greater effort to cut out sweet things, because that is where my real downfall lies. Lastly, cutting out butter. Toast made a little comeback for a while and out came the butter. Goodbye butter.

I am going to write down my plan in more detail later but I am pleased with my decision and it's a good thing that I won't be stressing about the gym fees. I'm off to the gym thread to get some advise!
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:51 am

I'm so glad I didn't join the gym!

I never really looked properly at the little work gym, but I did today, and it's quite good! There's a stair master, treadmills, crosstrainer, bike and rower, plus free weights! Very happy about that. So I filled out a little form and 'gyminised' my swipe card.

I am going to start on Monday, and aim for 40 mins every lunch. It should be a lot easier as it is literally ten metres from our office door (within same building). Yipee!!

I am not going to fuss too much this weekend as have parties etc.

BTW today I realised the importance of sleep! I already know it's so important for burning cals. All week though I have been cdheating myself of sleep, only getting about 6 hours per night, and today i was so tired, all my body wanted was sugar sugar to keep awake. I felt sluggish and awful. So will be careful to get enough sleep from now on.

Thats all!
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby Strawberry » Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:01 am

Hi HC.
'Chappy' - you're so British lol.I thought you couldn't spot reduce, wouldn't cardio work be much more beneficial than targeting 1 individual body part at a time? That's great you didn't get the gym membership. The work gym has everything you need with no expenses & no excuses not to go - you're already there.
How are u feeling now?
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby Indi3 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:30 am

Hey Hippy Chick! How you doing?

Did you get to the gym on Monday? Thats great to have a gym at work. When i worked in corporate we had a gym and i went at lunchtmes.. made me feel great in the afternoon.

I think im back on track now .. (yay!) .. so chat soon..

Indi :D

One day at a time.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:02 am

Hye Strawbs - well, I always though that weight work was more beneficial than cardio in terms of fat building, as muscle builds m,ore calories than fat. So the more muscle you have, the more your body burns fat continuously throughout the day.

Anyway here I am, I have been slacking off writing for a little while.

As a lot of you could probably identify with, slacking off in the diary department often means slacking off in the diet department! And there we have my excuse for absence.

I have been fairly lenient since I got back from Greece, which is allllways the case after a quick weight loss - I begin to think I am invisible from calories and let the treats sneak back in more often than they should. On top of that have had a number of social occasions where feasting has been involved.

Not to worry, I am here now, and all is not lost. I have learnt SO much, that I am really feeling confident about my future relationship with food. For example, although I have had a few mini binges lately, I feel more eqipped these days to be able to say No, sooner. For example, although I used to KNOW that I would feel bad if I let myself have a big chocolate binge when I craved it, I would do it anyway, just to TEST the theory. But now I find myself more often just TRUSTING the process that I have already tried and tested so many times. I will now often just TRUST that I will regret it later, even though still at that moment I am craving.

So I am very proud of myself. I also feel like I have come a long way in bouncing quickly out of slumps. For example it will often take weeks and weeks and weeks to come out of a binge fest, but I felt myself reaaally slipping last week and now I am already ready to get myself back on track, before any further damage is done.

Diets don't fail from one cheat, they fail when you let the cheats go on and on and on and on.

And lastly, I feel like the way I deal with 'cheats' these days is much much healthier than in the past, where I would go on 'all or nothing' diets, and then get despondant and fall off the wagon quickly if I ate one thing wrong. This afternoon I ate some maltesers that a colleague bought for me. But that's it, you know? In the past, I would have loaded up on chocolate for the rest of the day. And believe me, the thought crossed my mind, but I decided I didn't need it, and trusted that I'd feel better later without it. (I do). So you know, so what, I ate a bag of maltesers, I didn't eat three.

The other thing I would like to remind myself is that I really need to be careful not to lose a bit and then think I can go on a free for all binge-a-thon becasue that's EXACTLY how I put the weight on in the first place! I was a comfy 62kg, getting around in lovely summer shorts, then as winter approached the floppy pants came out and the chocolate kept falling down the throat and pretty much the weight was creeping on. You don't notice it because it comes on gradually and you don't realise until you see a photo, or put on a pair of pants that were slightly tighter than they were a couple of weeks ago. I need to remember that you DON'T NOTICE IT OVERNIGHT, BUT IT IS HAPPENING. Really, I need to remember that binge eating will NEVER be ok. It simply won't.

So all that is out of the way.

I have been gyming in my lunch break at work and overall, am really enjoying it. I say overall, because in the throws of the workout, I can be a little bored!! But we already knew I wasn't mad about gyms. But I feel so great afterwards! So great, awake, healthy, fit and happy from the endophins! And I feel more content just knowing I am doing that bit extra to lose the excess weight.

My friend from work is also exercising with me.

I wanted to make a little plan actually.


Will alternate daily focus for arms, stomach and butt/thighs

Monday = Arms
Tuesday = Legs
Wednesday = Resistance Only
Friday = Arms

Monday Resistance (Arms)

Standing Weight Lifts x 20
Sitting, above head weight lifts x 20
Bench Presses x 20
Forward extended arms circles x 100
Backward extended arm circles x 100
Additional exercises to be decided

Tuesday Resistance (Legs)
Leg squats from floor – 20 each side
Scissors – 20 each side
Wall hold – one minute
Lunges with free weights – 10 each leg
Additional exercises to be decided

Wednesday – Stomach

Straight crunches -20
Crunch and hold – 20
Side crunch to left – 20
Side crunch to right – 20
Crunch and hold – 20
Leg Extensions – 20
Straight Crunches – 20
Crunch and hold – 40

Continue for 10- 15 minutes

Friday – Arms and Stomach

15 mins on cross trainer followed by mixture of arm and stomach exercises.
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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I have no cravings - want to know why?!

Postby hippy_chick » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:26 pm

Hi guys!

I have not been on here for a very long time, but I thought I'd come and give you an update. I am now back in Australia. I have been doing a LOT of online research in the past few weeks about every topic under the sun to do with weight loss and nutrition. I am in a really really great place at the moment, diet wise. I've equipped myself with so much information, and reached a place where I am really truly committed to reaching my goal. I will write some more posts later but to begin with, just want to share a bit about my changed approach and attitude, as well as how I'm avoiding cravings, and why.

I am eating 5-6 small meals, or 'fuelings' per day (thinking of it as stoking a fire, I am stoking my metabolism all day) or healthy, clean foods. Vegies, fruit, lean meat and poulty, fish, almonds, avocado, whole grain bread, cereal and pasta, cottage cheese. I am really enjoying it, and I have no cravings for chocolate, even though our house is stacked to the rafters with the stuff. It's not like the chocolate boxes are still encased in plastic either. Nope, the boxes have been opened and I see them every time I go to the fridge. But I kid you not, I have absolutely no compulsion to eat them right though, and I don't even have to put up a fight. And yes, my appetite is in full working order. I bet you want to know why!

First of all, I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the past few weeks, an just one snippet of knowledge is understanding how these junk foods have very little, if any, nutritional value and the body doesn’t have to work very hard at all to store fat as fat in the body. You eat fat, it is stored as fat, and simple carbs are easily converted to fat. So even if a treat falls within your daily maintenance, you’re doing yourself no favors by eating it, especially while on a diet, because it’l be stored at fat! Complex carbs and protein can take up to 24 hours for your body to fully digest, and it takes energy to digest these, whereas as simple carbs can take around 3 hours for the body to digest.

Second of all, I have learnt about the benefits of transforming your body slowly for long term results. No more than 500g per week. When I have dieted in the past I used to be angry if I didn’t lose 1kg per week and over the moon if I lost more than that. It is widely agreed, however, that 500g is the correct amount of weight to lose per week. If you’re losing more than that it’s more likely muscle mass and water. By losing weight slowly you’re not sending your metabolism into shock. Hence, due to this new information, I’ve become quite protective about my body fat! Instead of stressing about losing enough weight on weigh day, I worry about losing too much. If I am losing too much per week, I will eat a bit more. What a turn around in thinking! I think this knowledge and this informed attitude means that I can just be more patient with myself.

Third, I’ve learned that treats are allowed, even on diets. If I crave something a lot, I won’t deprive myself of it. At the moment, the cravings haven’t hit, probably because I’m aware of how many empty calories these foods contain, but I’m sure that one of these days a craving will present itself. I know now that when it does, providing it’s not a daily occurrence, I’ll allow myself that treat, enjoy it, and get back to the healthy stuff. Diets don’t get ruined on one little mistake, they get ruined on continuous little mistakes. This is a huge turnaround to my old way of thinking, when if I ‘slipped up’ I deemed the whole day ruined and it turned into a big ‘free day’ with promises to start again in the morning. Of course, then you’ve developed your taste for sweet stuff again and it’s much harder to stop. Plus, you feel sluggish the next day and less likely to get back on track. Diets don’t need to be all or nothing. You do need to work hard, you do need to have long and short term plans and you do need to put in consistent efforts in order to see results.

Patience is extremely important and you do need to work out roughly how long it’s going to take to reach your goals at a safe rate. Accept that, and commit to it. The sooner you let go of notions to lose weight in a short period of time, the better you will be. I used to think 2 months was an impossibly long period of time to have to have a new body. I now realize that it takes time and effort to transform your body. If I wanted to, I could have a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and dinner, and lose all the weight I wanted to, in 2 months. But I wouldn’t be healthy, I would be STARVING, my metabolism would be slow, I would not be firm and taut, and I would not have learnt anything about how to live healthily. I would be scared to stop living off shakes. I have done that before – lost 6 kg in about 6 weeks. It’s just too much. This time, at the beginning, I calculated that I would need about 24 weeks, or 6 months, to get to what I perceive as my ideal weight, which is 58, from 70. (I say, ‘what I perceive’, because I am more concerned about what the mirror says, what I see, and how my clothes feel, as apposed to what the scales say – on top of that, my long term weight loss goals mean I’m less concerned about tracking scale numbers. It may even take longer than 6 months to get to my ideal weight, if I include possible plateaus. At any rate, once you accept that it will take time to lose the weight and shape up, you can kind of relax, and there is a lot of freedom in that. In fact I couldn’t emphasize the feeling of freedom in that, enough. I need to explain though – it’s not as though I think, ‘Ok, I have 6 months, I can slack off a bit, I have time’. Not at all. It’s more like I have accepted that I need to commit 6 months of diligent effort to getting the body that I want, but I know it will be worth it because the results will be long term , I will have formed new eating lifestyle habits in that time. I suppose I feel freed because I don’t feel rushed. I feel free because I don’t have the pressure to lose as much as possible per week – I’m working steadily towards a workable target. I’ve also accepted that I can do this slowly, because as much as I am itching to buy some new clothes (I am trying to hold off until I get closer to my goal) and enjoy the freedom of my new, leaner body, it’s also true that I’ve been living in the body I currently have for quite a while and I have been doing ok. Hence, I asked myself, ‘What’s the rush?’ I’m not getting any worse, I’m only getting better! I’m prepared to do that patiently if it means I’ll look better in the long run and be healthier, and, most wonderfully, that I will finally¸ after 7 years of struggling up and down with my weight, have a body I like that I can keep. Such a wonderful feeling. Fast weight lost loss is so nerve-wracking. Using non-food to lost weight is so scary. How can I sustain that for life? I can’t. I need to form habits I can keep. It does take time. I’ve been working on that for quite some time, and have finally reached a place where I feel comfortable choosing a range of healthy foods. My new body in 6 or so months will be my present for me. I can’t wait to get it! (I mean I can wait!!)

Now, it’s time to eat!

As I said I have been doing A LOT of reading so I will come back with some more info another day, and am update on my progress.
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Please take a few minutes to read this, please!!

Postby hippy_chick » Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:10 pm

HI there everyone. Just like to share some information and net resources. This may look long, but I've poured over the documents sited in here, and they are all supported with many many similar views on the net. Whatever choices you make about weight loss, I just want to encourage everyone to take the time to inform themselves about weight loss so they can approach it in the most logical, systematic, healthy, relatively straightforward approach, for long term results.

Each and every one of these websites is worth a read. So bookmark them if you don't have time. At the very least, check out the two websites listed at the very bottom of this post.

I used to one of those girls who was angry if I didn't get on the scale each week and see at least 1KG loss. I thought I was a fialure if I didn't. Now, I would be worried if I lost more than 500g. Please read on. This is important stuff, and it does get more interesting after the numbers!

Use this resource to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, that is , the amount of calories your body will consume at rest. That does not include any activity .

The BMR is designed to calculate the number of calories your body requires to perfrom it's basic functions - the AMR (Active Metabolic Rate) is an estimation of the number of calories you will use per day including activity. The average BMR for women is 1500, the average AMR is 2000, however these are just estimations.

I did some further research on the formulas the BMR, which you can read up on here. Very imformative, and being Wikepedia, a simply factual source.

More very useful information:

The most healthy approach to losing weight is to derease you caloric intake, slightly, and to increase your activity level, even just slightly will do. It is widely agreed that a healthy amount of weight loss per week is about 500g, and never more than 1kg.

Don't let me lose your attention with all this calorie speak. You can find out a GREAT deal about your bodies requirments and about your habits, if you pay a little attention to these numbers.

At a minimum, your body requires at least 1500 calories per day (check your own BMR) at rest. Your body needs to burn this energy in order for the body to function effectively (organ function, breathing, etc). When you reduce your calories severely, you force your metabolism to slow and adjust to the number of calories you are providing your body, hence you are not functioning to the best of your ability. When you restrict your calories severely, alarm bells go off in your brain and your body goes into 'famine mode'. A few things will happen. Your body starts burning muscle tissue for energy, as this tissue contains nutrients needed to supply to body's basic functions, and you are not giving your body enough of these via food. When you consume very little calories, your body will begin to hold on to the food, converting it to fat and storing it in the body as it goes into 'famine mode'. Hence your weight loss will slow or stop. If you are losing weight it is most likely muscle tissue.

A much healthier approach is to figure out your Acive Metabolic Rate (using the resouce above, or google BMR), subtract 500 calories from this number, and aim to consume that number of calories per day, ENSURING that your calorie intake always AT LEAST meets you Basal Metabolic Rate.

When I first started my diet, this time, after many many failed attempts in the past, I decided I wanted it properly. I did a lot of reading and discovered that the 1000 calorie restriction that Optifast prescribed to me was extremely far below even my BASIC calorie needs, and if I continued to restrict myself in that fashion, my metabolism would slow and I would lose muscle mass. I have done a shake diet before. I lost 6 kg in about 6 weeks. At the time I was ecstaic. But within 6 months I'd put it all back on, plus 6 more kilos on top of that. I didn't have an attractive, lean and muscular frame - I was thin, but I had no defination to my arms and shoulders, it wasn't great!

If you've had success with shakes before, or if you plan to, I know what you're thinking. You'll lost the weight with the shakes, and then you'll switch to food. Well, have fun with that. Because of your calorie restrictions, you will have low energy and metabolism. Any time you go over the calorie intake your body has become accstomed to, you body will hold on to these calories. You won't have learnt any new habits about how to eat properly for life. You'll have to be on full alert.

Do it properly, EAT properly. A shake is like one of my SNACKS in my day, not a meal. That's no way to live. I'll be losing weight NOT starving, my body with be healthy on the inside, my metabolism with be revved up, and the deficit between the calories I need to maintain, and the calories I consumed to LOSE will be so slight that my body will be able to cope extremely well with the adjustment once I start eating to maintain ( hardly a difference in food amounts). My metabolism will be red hot and able to use all the calories as it was designed to - it won't feel the need to hoard the sudden surge of calories, because it hasn't been starved for weeks and months on end.

You need to be prepared to be patient. 3500 calories is equal to one pound (about 1/2 kilo) which is the maximum amount reccommended to lose per week for long term weight loss. That's 500 calories per day.

I have 10-12 kilos to lose, which means my weight loss will take 6-7 months. That's fine with me. What is 6-7 months? I tried all last year to lose weight by restricting myself, and I ended up aout 5 kg heavier at the end of the year.

I have switched to a very healthy diet of whole foods - whole wheat greans, inclueding cereal, bread and pasta, fruit, eggs (and yes the yolks too!)yoghurt, low fat dairy, vegetables and lean meats. I feel fantastic. At first, I had a LOT of trouble eating 1200 calories worth of healthy foods, as they are less calorie dense than junky foods. I had to work my way up to 1500 over a few days. There are a few tricks, such as including natural peanut butter, and almond butter. Yes that's right, are you reading me correctly?!! YES - there is NO starving. I have as MUCH healthy food as I can possible eat, and then some.

I was confused for days and days. I read until I found the answers though. I thought - I am full at 1200, maybe my BMR is lower than everyone elses? WRONG! Turned out I was eating too little, I needed to include more calorie dense health foods such as whole wheat patsa and avocados to get the calories up. Guess what guys? I averaged 1700 calories every day last week and I lost 500g this week. There was no starving whatsoever. In fact it was the polar opposite to starvation. If I want to throw a little treat in there I can, so long as I don't go over the calories. Bearing in mind though that simple carbs included processed foods, sugars, sweets contain little nutritional value and are therefore processed through the body in a few hours, compared to protein which can take up to a day. For that reason, simple carbs don't really help the function of your body, they give you short spurts of energy - they create high spikes in your insulin level, which makes you hungry for another hit again when it crashes. So I'd rather the nutritious foods. It takes the body energy (calories) to digest nutrient rich foods, but it takes hardly any work at all to store fat as fat.

You have to be prepared to put in a bit of work too. Why? When you go on a diet and restrict your calories, another way you can make sure that your body doesn't go into 'famine mode' and hoard all your caloies, and burn your lean muscle, is to do cardio. The body then thinks there must be an abundance of food and is less likely to hoard the calories. Furthermore, cardio burns fat directly. Resistance training and free weights are also crucial for making sure your preseve and build your lean muscle mass, and will raise your BMR - meaning you will burn more calories even at rest. More muscle mass = more calories burned, even when you're not doing anything. That's why guys can eat more - genetically, they naturally have greater muscle mass than women, hence more muscles that burn calories, hence a higher BMR, hence they need to eat more to fuel their bodies. (Ladies, don't ever attempt to match your boyfriend's food cosumption for the sake of equality!)

On top of that - I don't know about you, but I don't want to just be a bag of skin and bones, I want to be toned with lean muscles.

PLEASE PLEASE don't be fooled. You may be OVERJOYED when you see a rapid weight loss on the scales, but be aware this is not FAT it is lean muscle and water!!! Actually, on the inside, your body is storing away fat, and converting a lot of the foods you put into your body into fat (yes, even broccoli can be converted to fat if the body is desperate enough). So you may be losing scale weight but at what expense? A slow, broken and sluggish metabolism, and fat stores on the inside?

DO YOUR BODY A favour. If like me, you had been previously restricting yourself of calories, you need to do this. For 5-10 days, eat slightly above your BMR, to show your body you're not in famine mode. Then you will be ready to create a deficit and can begin the loss. Then decrease you calorie intake, slightly (your AMR -500).

Adjust as needed, until you're losing the correct amount (500g) per week. As ytou get lighter, your BMR will lower, so you'll need to adjust your calorie intake every 5kg or so.

ASK YOURSELF THIS - Do you want to do this properly, now, for the last time, and equip yourself with the knowledge of how to eat healthy nutritious food in the correct quantities, or do you want to starve yourself on shakes and apples, and then be scared stiff to ever eat real food again once you're done? Let me tell you, as soon as your calories go up, your body will be hoarding those calories like there's no tomorrow. A SMALL decrease in the amound of calories you usually consume to maintain will mean a less dramatic change once your return to eating to maintain. Your metabolism will be burning hot and it won't be an issue. And FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. You can have a healthy, balance diet for life. Treats will always need to be in moderation, but we knew that anyway didn't we? We got where we are because we ignored that. But you will learn, though proper eating, that there's so much varierty out there - it's exciting learning about nutritious new recipes, and your appetite for sweets should lesson as you begin to feel healthy and energized on the inside. Sweets seem less appealing then, making you feel sluggish. When I reach my traget weight, I'll have the exact tools to maintain my weight. If I should accidenly, say, put on a kilo over Christmas, I will know that all I need to to is decrease my calorie intake by 500 calories (that's about 3 pancakes, by the way, or a few rows of chocolate) every day for two weeks, and then that pesky little kilo will be no more!! Oh the joy of it.

You have to inform yourself and make a choice!

Find an online calorie calculator (You may have to subscrube to Calorie King, but it is WELL worth it. I am a member of Optislim - I don't agree with their reccommendations, but it enables me to use the calorie counter - best resource I've ever had)

For those of you who start out eating clean, whole foods like me, and find it difficult to go over 1500 of health food, and begin to question that you ever went over 2000, I just want to let you in on a secret! I did an experiment, to see how many calories I really did consume when I ate 'normally' (my old habits included a bit of junk). Results? I reached 2200 without a problem. You can eat a LOT of healthy foods, which will have the same calorie equivalent to a few bits of junk.

I am going to paste some more sites now. I reccommend that you bookmark them and read them. I've only included the good stuff.

Oh - one more thing. 5-6 small meals per day to fuel the metabolism. Think of your body as fire - you need to give fuel to the fire in order for it to burn hot. You wouldn't dump huge logs on it three times a day - the fire would be smothered. You wouldn't drop a couple of sticks on it - not enough! For the fire to burn hot, and consistently, you need to feed it with kindling throughout the day - the right kind of kindly. Not paper (simple carbs and junk!) which wouldn't last. Good, frequent kindling.

Bear in mind that everything I've said here is only a result of reading and cross checking my sources. I can tell you though that I have lost weight, whilst eating a lot of nutritious food, and exercising just a litle more (nothing too extravagant, just a bit more). Also - I have pulled off what previously seemed impossibel to me - I controlled the amount I lost. Actually, I lost 500g in 6 days, which means I need to incread my calorie intake from 1650 up to 1700 per day. Oh dear, more food, it's a hard life!

The most important thing is that we inform ourselves so we can look after our bodies and do this right, just once. Read these pages and search for more yourself. Make your own choices.

One last thing. You need to trust this slow and steady process, trust that you are looking after your body and not starving it, and that you're creating healthy and long lasting habits. Even though progress may seem slow, trust and know that it is happening, and that your body will be MADLY IN LOVE with you for being so nice to it. Know that if you consume slightly less calories than you cosume every day (Only 500 per day) you will lose 1/2 kilo per week, as 3500 calories = 2 pounds (about 1/2 kilo). This isn't a thoery - it's a law of physics. ... php?t=4821

Two more!!! If you are going to read any, at least read these. ... damage.php
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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Re: Hippy Chick's Journal

Postby hippy_chick » Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:29 am

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to check in to give an update on my progress.

Still going strong and motivation high!

This week I lost 1.2 kilos which was a bit much, but the scales actually indicated a gain of 500g last week which I think was hormonal, so things have evened out.

So far since starting my diet on the 20th December at 71Kg I've lost nearly 3Kg, sitting at 68.1 at the moment and really happy with my progress and the healthy rate of loss. I have done up a chart for my wall to break down my targets, based on 500g loss per week. It's so motivating to look at my chart and see that by such and such a date I should weigh X amount. I have broken it down into about 6 targets.

I have stuck some fashion pics on the fridge to remind me of my goals of a fit, lean and muscular body and to be able to wear whatever fashion I want to without a worry.

Last weekend I went away with family for the long weekend and there was plenty of opportunities to nudge the kilojoule counter towards and over the energy counter but I am fairly pleased with my efforts. I indulged a little in small doses, althought I did go a bit O.T.T with the chocolate and ice cream at one stage when I was having a low moment. But I don't see these things as negatives, and here's why. Firstly I was aware of the emotional eating and I decided to do it, and to enjoy it, but then to move on. Also, I was away on a wine/cheese/family weekend so I didn't deprive myself, I enjoyed myself. I was also careful. I nibbled on celery sticks with hommus from day 2 onwards instead of bread, cheese and biscuits. At dinners I stuck to my lean grilled chicken and loaded up on the salad, leaving the bread and the potatoes with sour cream welll alone. At breakfast I enjoyed lean bacon and eggs, but made sure to choose multi grain bread instead of white, and passed up the hash brown. At dinner I enjoyed spaghetti bolognaise but tipped the ratio towards the meat and cooked myself some whole wheat pasta instead of having the white stuff.

I got stung by a bee the other day, twice, right on the sole of my foot. This was a real downer because I was revved up to come back from our long weekend and really get stuck into some cardio to work of the extra kj's and make up for 4 days of no cardio. I couldn't do anything, and haven't been able to yet, because of the swollen foot. As such I was wary that my weight loss for this week would have to fall into the hands of my diet. I cut back my portion sizes, because if I wasn't exercising, obviously my caloriac needs would be lower. No one can accuse me of not putting in effort though!! - I sat on my carpet and did my arm weights sitting down, and my wall push ups with knees on floor. I lay on the ground and peddled and imaginary bike yesterday, also doing weights. Bloody hard work after a few minutes!

Anyway, that is my update.

I'll mention I was feeling a bit despondent the other day at the slowness of the weight loss - I also saw some photos from the weekend and wasn't overrrrrrly pleased (although definately looking better) and well, I guess it's easy to still look at your body when you're losing and think 'urk'. But, alas, I just keep reminding myself that there's no point starving myself and going for rapid weigh loss because I'll be losing muscle and storing fat, which is the exact opposite of what I want to do.

Then the great thing happened! I don't know if everyone knows it, but fat comes off in layers, not in spots. I had noticed I'd lost weight around my chest, collarbone area and shoulders just a week or two after starting diet, but was beginning to wonder when some would start coming off my bloomin' stomach, the place I needed it to the most!! Miracle of miracles, just last night I noticed my PJ pants are loser and I put on a skirt yesterday which was really tight and unwearable a couple of months ago and now it fits well, I can wear it again. I can actually see now a little difference around my hips which is what I was DYING for! I mean we all want an hourglass figure but my hourglass figure had VERY dramatic curves and about about three additional curves where there weren't meant to be any. I think you will all know what I mean. On top of that, just measured myself and have lost 3cm off the waiste and 4cm off the hips.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and I'll come back soon with another update.
Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

I'm imformed, committed & consistant. I'm loving my body & working towards a sustainable body, the healthy way.

Persistance will set you free.
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