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Frankies downhill slide...

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Frankies downhill slide...

Postby frankieloves » Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:52 pm

Hi everyone,

A little bit about me and why I am here - I've always been quite overweight, but 2006 for me became ridiculous. So during 2007 I ate well, exercised and got down to 69 kgs...and now this year I began my final year of studies and a new job. All of a sudden the weight has flown back on and I'm now back up to 72 kgs (but lost all my muscle and turned to fat). My birthday is soon and I was feeling really bad that I have had yet another year go by not achieving my weight loss goals, so here I am finally ready to sacrifice my food addiction for exercise to try and be a lot healthier, because my diet is just full of the bad things.

Just a few facts about me, I'm about 5'10", and weigh approx. 72 kgs, and my goal weight is 62 kgs. My biggest struggle is exercise because I find waking up early to be a huge problem and at night I'm usually busy - time to start prioritising (spelt it right?) though!

Hope to commiserate and eventually celebrate with you all :)
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Re: Frankies downhill slide...

Postby cherry847 » Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:37 pm

Hi Frankie,

Congratulations on your weightloss so far, I look forward to reading about your success here! :D
This week's goal... control portion sizes!
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Re: Frankies downhill slide...

Postby frankieloves » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:43 pm

okay so I have been excessively lazy, haven't been worrying bout being healthy or exercising...but now I am absolutely determined to get thin for summer.
My scales are broken, I found out they weigh about half a kilo more than I actually weigh, so I'm hovering somewhere around 68. Unfortunately, its because I've been sick and lazy so I haven't been exercising and my muscles are turning to squishy fat. And with the flu I haven't been eating as much, basically surviving on apple juice and junk food as its the only thing i can eat without wanting to throw up :(

My biggest weakness is being at home. I can never be bothered going out and exercising when I get home, and I start snacking and eating from the second I get home til the time I go to bed. I am just really blessed with a fast metabolism, because from other people's forums I eat much worse than them and still seem to weigh less...may also be my hulking height lol
But I really want to develop some good eating habits now so I can finally have the body I have always wanted.
My two big things are emotional eating, and snacking habit. I can sit down with a packet of anything and finish the whole thing off, not because I am hungry but simply because it is there, and I'm bored. Today I had a patronising woman at work experience treat me like I was completely invisible, so out of annoyance I came home and started eating. Now I'm even more annoyed cos not only did she affect me but she is making me fat as well :x

Todays eating has been:

B - mini wheats and skim milk
S - banana
L - sushi
S - cup of tea and choc biscuits hehe
S 2 - brie on 2 crackers, put the pack down and away before I consumed all of it though so that makes me happy
D - no idea? home alone so I probly won't cook for myself. Off to investigate the cupboards and see what can be found...
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Re: Frankies downhill slide...

Postby frankieloves » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:20 pm

hhhm so last night dinner was a handful fo pretzels and some chocolate...woops

Today was bad as well:
B - mini whates with skim milk
S - half an apple
L - Pizza sandwich thing, equivalent of meal for at least two people lol but on positive side had tomato and ricotta, so low fat cheese and i never eat tomato otherwise so got some vitamins or whatever is in them.
S - glass of blackcurrant juice
D - probly toast to make up for my binge lunch

I'm happy cos I managed to stop eating the pizza when i was satisfied, not full - even though it was delicious I put it down and managed to have it sit next to me for twenty minutes without eating any more. As a serial grazer, this was a big step for me! so yes the food was bad, but the eating habit was good :)
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