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Tish's Journey

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Tish's Journey

Postby oztish » Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:51 pm

Hi there,

Well, here I am. Overweight, unhealthy, unhappy with my appearance, unfit and needing to do something, anything to get out of this downward spiral.

Ok, here's the deal: I have been diagnosed with "impaired glucose tolerance" (the precursor to diabetes), I had gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy and everyone on my Father's side has Type 2 diabetes - so all the "high risk" boxes are ticked. Whilst I'm on the medical topic, my last blood test showed I had high cholesterol levels. Not good.

I have put on over 6kgs since February of this year. Scary.

When I was 20 I weighed 46kgs. I was ALWAYS the "skinny one" amongst my friends. I never had to watch what I was eating or worry about my waistline. Until I hit my late 20's and everything went pear shaped, or elephant shaped to be more accurate. I have never successfully lost weight long term. I have lost a few kgs here and there, but I always put it on again. I hate exercising. I ruptured my major pelvic ligament giving birth to baby #2 and have never been the same since. I still get pain in my groin/pelvis to this day (it's been 5 years) and so I tend to not start anything for fear of exacerbating my previous injury. I don't enjoy vegetables nor anything else healthy.

But the biggest thing standing in my way is this: My husband and I sold our house in January and are building a new one. In the meantime we're living with my parents, so there's DH & I, with our 3 kids (15, 5 and 20 months) and my parents. My husband is a vegetarian, my 15 year old is the fussiest eater/junk food addict around (he lives with his Dad, my ex husband 3 nights a week and lives on complete crap whilst there so I always feel like I"m fighting a non ending battle with him); my 5 year old won't eat anything for dinner unless it's a sausage or it's crumbed and cooked in oil; my 20 month old has always eaten very healthy home cooked food, but she is hopeless with lumps - and I mean HOPELESS, so I still have to puree her food for her; and then my parents only like to eat meat and three veg. So I often find myself cooking 4 different meals each night to please everyone. To add an additional "healthy/low fat" option to the mix is just going to tip the balance towards wanting to commit hare kare in the kitchen so this stops me pursuing a healthy eating regime. I've tried before, but everyone turns their nose up and its' all just too exhuasting and too hard.

OK, so there's my reasons for wanting to lose weight and my excuses that I keep using (sore pelvis, sick of cooking 8 different meals, lazy).

I know I have to do something though. I wish I was rich and could hire a chef.
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Re: Tish's Journey

Postby Zoe2312 » Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:25 pm

Gosh, what a journey! good luck, and i hope you succeed!! :D
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