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The final leg of Crunchynut's journey

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The final leg of Crunchynut's journey

Postby crunchynut » Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:29 pm

Here goes...first post on my progress. I meant to start this a month ago :oops:
So I've called it my final leg because the initial leg was about 6 years ago when I lost about 5 kg. Then about 4 years ago I lost 20+kg. Then I put a few on. And now I'm ready just to finish this puppy off, I've been dragging it around for too long. And mentally I don't think I've been ready until now. Maybe still a little bit of hiding behind the last bit of fat? Hmm, will have to think about that a bit more.
Is it cheating to start my weightloss ticker at my highest ever weight *heheh* Well you know, I did lose it and I figure I should maybe give myself a mini round of applause more often. I beat myself up way too much. Goal 1: be nicer to me!
So over the past month I've lost 2.9kg, very happy with that. A month ago I felt out of control and now I feel much more in control. But of course there are always things around that are my undoing and so I need to be able to deal with them without turning to food. Goal 2: don't eat my feelings.
Right now I'm in fat-danger period - I think it's pretty much over with my boyfriend. I've not had confirmation of this because he will not communicate, but he's been pulling away from me. With no explanation. I am smart enough to be able to see that I should have ended it long ago (we've been together on and off for 12 months) because he's not what I need. So I think realistically it's a good thing that this is happening, but a little sad also :( So I'm trying very hard not to turn to my usual comfort of food.
I always feel better when I write things down, very cathartic. So my little posts here are to help me on my way.
I can't bring myself to weigh or measure anything I'm eating at the moment. The thought of going on a "diet" really puts me off. As soon as I feel restricted it sends me in the opposite direction. So I'm just trying to be sensible with what I'm eating. Although today wasn't very sensible and just demonstrates to me that I need to plan my meals or I just go off the rails.
I've also decided to up the gym and in particular weight training. I've been doing a lot of reading about the positive effect of weight training for fat loss so I'm going to give that a try and increase my one weights session a week up to 2-3. I love doing weights so it's not problem. I think what I love is that it's not running :lol: I am so bad at running, but I know it's good for me and try to do it once a week. Anyway, this week I was pretty keen at the gym and replaced the usual running on the tready with a step class and a fatburner class in addition to the usual weights session and boxing class.
So the goals for the coming week are (1) to not partake of any evil emotional eating and (2) to plan my meals. And (3) to not do any less exercise than this week.

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Re: The final leg of Crunchynut's journey

Postby hippy_shake » Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:55 pm

Wow good on you for loosing so much weight!! Even more for keeping it off :D

The thought of going on a "diet" really puts me off. As soon as I feel restricted it sends me in the opposite direction

I feel this way too! Diets don't work, lifestyle changes do :) wishing you all the best with your continued success!

:) Jane
Jane :)

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Re: The final leg of Crunchynut's journey

Postby Strawberry » Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:21 am

you've done so well with your weight loss.
i too have to agree restrictions lead to uncontrolled binges - in my case anyway.
it is all about sensible portion sizes & moderation - you can do it.
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