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emiliezzzz progress

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emiliezzzz progress

Postby emiliezzzzz » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:31 pm

well ive posted some before pics in another section but thought i should write some stuff here to get a regular bit up and running.

ive started a few diets lately.. they never last long. this time though i am determined!

i started again on tue and so now being sat night its 5 days and ive done perfectly. i didnt weight myself that morning but think given all my previous weigh ins i was about 77.

i was watching oprah the other day and she had this lady on who wrote a book called quantum wellness. the lady who wrote it talked a bit about a cleanse to do to get your body off to a good start.. it goes for 21 days but she said just go as long as you can. anyway during this cleanse you cant eat gluten, dairy, meat, fish, sugar, alcohol or caffine. yes i know like what else is left? but ive done it for 5 days so far and seriously i feel great. im a shocking sleeper and always wake up about 5 times each night. but last nite i slept all the way through. cant remember the last time that happened. so yeah im basically 1/4 of the way through and determined to get there!

i think i focus too much on the numbers on the scale so ive decided to just go off how im feeling so wont be weighing myself til its done. im going to take photos every couple weeks though.

so basically starting i was 77 and my aim is to get to 65. that would be perfect! but more so i want to just feel better on the inside as well as on the outside.

this time i will make it!!!
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