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Libby's Progress

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Libby's Progress

Postby libby » Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:45 pm

Starting weight: 64kg
Now: 52kg
Lost so far: 12kg
Aim: 47kg
Aim for September 2008: to reach 51kg

Will return to edit this thread later...

Re: Libby's Progress

Postby libby » Tue Sep 30, 2008 5:40 pm

Summary of my stats now.

October 2008
Weight: 53 kg. I'm back at 53 after I reached 52kg at the end of Aug. :cry:
Goal: To lose 10 kg in 5months and be 43kg by 28 February 2009. I aim to lose 1kg in 14 days.
Short-term target: lose 2 kg in October.

3500kcal = 1 pound
10kg = 22 pounds = 22 weeks = 5mths 2 weeks
43kg by 28 Feb 2008

Re: Libby's Progress

Postby libby » Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:23 pm

October 2008
Weight: 52.2 kg
Short-term target: 51kg by November 1st

Nowadays I'm finding it easier to keep to my diet of 1200-1300kcal. I do slip up on weekends but it doesn't bug me. I hope to reach my target of 45kg by the Chinese New Year in January. I've stopped jogging cos of schoolwork and all the stress :( I'll return to jogging after my exams on 20 November. 52kg seems to be my normal weight..? I'm not sure but i am happy, cos i haven't been this light since i was 14! I remember being 49kg when I was 13, and then BOOM I hit 59kg at 15. I was really unhealthy in secondary school - i ate junk food, chocolates and had Coke every day during lunch. I didn't think i would gain much, cos I didn't eat much as a kid and didn't had to worry about my weight.

In my teens, my weight hovered around 56-59kg region, and I always convinced myself it was ok, that I was happy with myself and that I refused to be 'superficial' by losing the weight. Actually, i just refused to take control of my life.

The straw that broke the camel's back was in 2006, when i hit 61kg after my first year in university. I found that i had gained 1kg per semester and by extrapolation, i could gain 8KG by the end of the 4-year course! And my weight rose even further to 63kg after a one-week holiday in Taiwan! That was the last straw for me, when I refused to suck and look fat anymore. Also, school really sucked for me at that time and i needed a reason to feel good about myself, so I started trying to lose weight. The fact that my sister was also trying to lose weight then was a push for me to start as well. (I can't very well avoid weight loss when there's someone doing it in my house!)

I started to take note of what I eat and to exercise. I swam 20laps twice a week with a friend, stopped eating fastfood and fried food. I couldn't cut out on cakes totally cos i love them :p After a year, I lost 10kg -> 53kg. I was happy to return to school at 53kg. Coursemates complimented me on my weight loss and asked questions about how i did it. But strangely enough, the weight loss didn't make me feel any better about myself. I was still the same, sad girl with low self-esteem in my new body.

HOWEVER, the story didn't end there. I got disillusioned with weightloss because i'd expected that it would change my life but it didn't. I still didn't have many friends in school, my grades were still bad, etc. Anyway, i got tired of controlling my diet and let myself go...gaining 2kg in the process. My weight went back to 55kg in May 2007. That summer, i went on the US Work and Travel Program for 3 months and i just BALLOONED to 64kg! That was my heaviest ever! And after i tried so hard to lose that 10kg the year before! I was so angry and upset and disappointed in myself. I even hated US for making me gain the weight. But really, i think my eating habits haven't changed a bit, that's why my weight rebounded. I was really stressed and alone in the US and i snacked every night on chocolate/peanut butter Oreos. It didn't help that they were selling really cheap in the US and they were in such big quantities (30cmx20cm packs). I ate other junk as well, like Devil's cake. And I had french fries at lunch every day for the last month that i worked. The meal portions in general were really big too. And i fell into the trap so easily! :( :( :(

I didn't know i had put on so much weight. I knew i did, cos my pants got tighter but i didn't have a weighing scale with me so i had no idea how heavy i was. Until after the work stint, on i was on a tour with my friends. We were on a bus tour to Las Vegas and we were at a rest stop. I decided to weigh myself for fun (okay, and i wanted to know the truth) and my god, the truth did hurt. I was 63.8kg (i converted from pounds). Oh my god. I couldn't believe it. I. COULD NOT. BELIEVE. It. I had just lost 10kg the year before! ran through my head. I was pretty down the rest of the trip.

So now, with my previous experience of weight loss, i decided i would have a more realistic expectations of weightloss. Previously, i focused on the numbers but not how i looked. So at 53kg, i was still pretty flabby. (That contributed to the disillusionment too heh) I was lighter than ever but i still looked bad. So now, i wanted to start on a diet and exercise plan that i could sustain for life.

When i got back from the US, I started school almost immediately, so i didn't have time to exercise. Weight loss was slow. I manage to lose 2kg in 3 months by being more mindful of what i ate, basically eating healthier and cutting out junk food. I was also readjusting my appetite - thanks to the large portions i ate in the US, in Singapore i would finish my food when my friends were only halfway through! I was 62kg in December 2007 and i was apprehensive about going to Tokyo trip in the middle of my weight loss program cos i was afraid i would muck it up again. During the trip, I controlled my diet at first. But i realised it wasn't necessary cos Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest foods around. Even their junk food aren't so oily or calorie-laden and the portions are always just nice. Couple that with lots of walking during the 2-week trip (plus it was winter in Japan), i lost 1kg when I came back. Yay! Things were looking good. I met my target of losing 2kg in the holidays and could start school at 60kg. Also, the trip opened my eyes to how healthy food can be delicious and filling as well and that was really an inspiration and an eye-opener.

Re: Libby's Progress

Postby libby » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:48 pm

November 2008

Weight: 51kg
Short term target: 50kg by Nov 30 2008

Yay! I'm happy to announce that my weight is now 51kg. Finally, after 7 weeks of dieting. I thought the number would never drop. Once my exams are over late Nov, I'm going back to jogging and interval sprinting thrice a week and will start on weight training once a week. I want to lose 2 kg this December!

Re: Libby's Progress

Postby libby » Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:40 pm


Back at 52kg again. My weight has been going up since last year, culminating in 53.8kg scare last month. I'm watching the Biggest Loser and it is such an inspiration.

My current weight: 52.3kg
Final goal: 48kg

I hope to reach 48kg and be toned and fit for my graduation ceremony on July 23rd.

5kgs left!

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