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Help with Measurments

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Help with Measurments

Postby Karnak » Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:08 pm

Hi All,

Over the last couple of months I've been struggling through a plateau. Everything is cool but I've gone from losing 1+ kilos a week to losing 1/2 kilo at best so I've taken to doing measurements rather than scales as we all know scales can be evil.

So - the last few months the measurements have been treating me wonderfully and from my waist I've lost 12 cm and an amazing 16cm from my chest. However from my hips I have lost a grand total of 3cm... nope I haven't measured wrong, its just 3 cm !. As it stands my current measurements are :

Waist: 101cm Target size chart size 18
Bust: 115cm Target size chart size 18
(I'm 6' tall)

Even Trinny and Suzanna don't have a shape name for me so I'm calling myself "the droplet".

On the plus side I have a great hips to waist ratio, but on the revolting side clothes shopping REALLY isn't fun. No I know that I have to be patient and that everyone looses it differently and blah blah blah

but I was just wondering if anyone else out there was having a similar problem OR if anyone else thats largish or who was largish would be happy to share their measurements.

thanking you in advance - Nikki
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Re: Help with Measurments

Postby Ambryi » Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:37 pm

Well the "golden ratio" is 1.618 - so you'r waist to hip ratio sounds pretty hot to me :) Also, I heard (not sure if its from a reliable source) that when you lose weight it comes off from top to bottom. ie, you'll see the difference in the face first, then bust, waist etc.

I can sympathise with your clothes shopping plight - any figure outside the "norm" is a pain in the arse to shop for. I find certain items fit/look better for me - dresses and skirts look good, while just-above-the-knee shorts like absolutely hideous. Jeans shopping is like trying to find the needle in the 20 tonne haystack. Another option, which gets expensive but works well for special occasion items, is to buy "off the rack" and have the items altered by a professional seamstress. I've done it to get the perfect fit for dresses and I have to say its worth the cost (which is about $100-$200 but varies a LOT depending whats being changed).

I think its a great idea to measure your body rather then jump on the scales - they aren't a good reflection of whats really happening. I misplaced my tape when I moved last and keep meaning to replace it when im next shoppping - keep forgetting though which is annoying!
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