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The breakup weight must go!

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The breakup weight must go!

Postby sandradee » Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:59 pm

Have you ever put on weight after a relationship ended? You know, I just stopped caring: I stopped working out and started eating LOTS! Now I saw them together the other day and they looked so happy and I looked so fat! I let everything I learned fly 'out the window' because my love was not returned, rather it was given to someone else.......immature? YES! Stupid decision? YES! Really the best coping strategy I have learnt? NO but I did it: I ate like a pig and did not exercise.

So here I am, a new attitude...... a stone heavier lol......... My motivation? To look absoultely fabulous. This time it's different......I am finally doing it for myself and not for attention. I figure if I am going to be alone.....a) I may aswell be happy with me b) What's really so bad about being alone anyway? I mean most married people, I speak to, just want to be single again.........JOKE! Oh, please nobody take that to heart.

Day number one......... counting the calories again........ writing everything down again......

Exercise : RPM and 45 minute walk.

Last night I went to the dvd store and I even got off my lazy behind and walked there. I did it so I would not binge eat.......Just as I was about to buy an enormous amount of chocolate to help my heart stop hurting this guy walks up to me and says, "I just came back in cause you were here".

THESE THINGS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME! Plus I was wearing old clothes, no make-up and my hair was a mess!

I took his number, called him as soon as I got home and then met him for coffee 20 minutes later..... trashy story but it gave me the confidence I needed to jump back on the horse and decide that I was sick of feeling sorry for myself and I want to bring the old me back: the me that does not binge eat, the me that goes to the gym daily, the me that is not ashamed of myself! I really miss that me, I want her back!

Oh, in case you are wondering....... coffee went for two hours and the kiss goodnight was fantastic! Serious? I doubt it but was fun? Oh, yer, you bet it was!Being single has it adavantages: it's fun! it's exciting! It's going to be a fun journey for me, I hope!

I was very tired at work today but I had one hell of a story to tell at morning smoke-time..........

Well, I haven't really said much about weightloss except I went through the motions today...... exercised, counted calories and drunk the water that I loathe drinking.

But the old me is coming back and when I look fantastic (and having fun searching for that soul mate) I want run into them again just so they know that they cannot break me ........that they did not make me bitter.......that they know I did not give up on the most important person in my life: ME!

At this point, I don't want me ex back.....I want myself back.....I NEVER want him back but I am no longer bitter, I wish them well......I really mean it! It's great to be free at last!

I am rather dramatic, aren't I?

LESSON LEARNT TODAY: The biggest mistake I ever made was giving up on myself! To myself I must be true!

I accidently put this in the wrong section........that's why i have posted it twice..SORRY! :D :) :( :o

Re: The breakup weight must go!

Postby sandradee » Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:58 am

Okay, so today I went to the gym (weights!), counted calories and drunk that water that I loathe!

For the first time I felt awkard at the gym.....I mean I have gained weight and there are so many people there with fantastic bodies and then there's!

Re: The breakup weight must go!

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:42 am

Good on you for getting back in shape, Sandra! It's great that you're going back to the gym and walking to places you would have normally driven to. And how lovely is it that you're already getting some attention from the opposite censored! Yay you and keep up the good work!
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