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Kickstart Needed

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Kickstart Needed

Postby Jackback » Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:42 pm

/insert wall of text

After roaming this website for a number of days now - I can't thank everyone enough for sharing their challenges / victories. This has been a great point of info so I thought I'd try and constructively add to the community.
Firstly a little about me:
6ft, 26yo, male, 93kgs, 36” waist

My lowest weight was 75kg back in 2004, but I figure 80kgs would be an optimum target.

This is the largest challenge I face. I travel around rural QLD for a living so finding good quality healthy food is a serious challenge - the easy and lazy options typically win out. I love cooking and have a serious passion for quality food (mums a chef) - so when i get a chance to cook the meal is always nutritious, but most likely excessive in quantity. Work food culture is also pretty negative for my weight: large amount of steak w/ sides of chips or carbs (veg and such take a back seat). Probably 2-3 nights a week we finish the day with a few (2-5) beers. Lunch would typically be a couple of sandwiches with ham and salad.
I return home in Melbourne every two weeks for five days - this typically ends up in a pattern of catching up with mates for dinners which consequently finishes up with a large amount of booze (1-2 bottles of wine would be a big night out). Thus the problem with the current lifestyle balance is pretty clear – the excesses are given priority

After a pretty massive Chrissy in Melb - where i could realistically guess i added about 3kgs to my weight - climbing in the 90's. I know that i have to take this destructive cycle by the horns and break it. Additionally I’m getting married in April and am currently sitting at the heaviest i have ever been! I love going to the beach and being an active outdoors person – however currently I don’t feel particularly proud of my body shape- have some pretty nice man boobs and a non to shabby beer gut growing ;p So the motivation is there to put fun in the back seat and actually focus on a healthy lifestyle.

I have started pretty excessively from what i gather to really get my body back to where I feel it needs to be. The Notorious Soup Diet (however not that religiously)
First step was on Tuesday after arriving back to work i cooked up a soup w/ all fresh ingredients.
3 * White onions
4 * Tomatos
300g Green Beans
400g Cabbage
2 * Capsicum
500g Brussel Sprouts
3 spoons * White Meso Paste
6 * very hot chilli (I love chilli and heard it works to accelerate your metabolism)
1.5 lt Cambells Chicken stock
300ml Water
/end recipe
This has been my staple for the last 4 days. On days with fruit i have only been eating a maximum of three pieces (nectaries, peaches, apples). I have a black coffee every morning with equal. I also drink Coke Zero – maybe a can or 2 a day when i hit a low. Additionally I drink at least 3lt of water a day. And finish my day with 500-700ml of camomile herbal tea after dinner while i work.
Tuesday night had the soup and additional fresh veg. A glass of scotch (60ml) on ice – last on for the week i promise ;p
Wed: the soup with fruit and veg. I cooked up two broccoli trees with garlic, chilli, soy, ginger and a punnet of baby tomatos leaving the whole mostly crunchy (ate half for dinner and had the rest for lunch on Thursday)
Thursday: as I was working physically the Bananas and milk worked a treat – I also had the remainder of last night’s dinner for lunch. Soup for dinner . Totalled 4 large bananas and 500ml of Physical milk.
Friday : Soup, fruit, veg. I had two bananas also on this day as i was feeling low on energy (I was completing an induction and had to be switched on)
Saturday: (I’ll give some better detail now as this is the current day and the rest was just working off my memory)
7:00am Breakfast: Black coffee with equal and a green apple – I wasn’t hungry initially so rather than eat I waited until i was hungry
Snacks: Carrot and nectarine
1:00pm Lunch: Soup – couldn’t face it again so only ate half what I brought with me
Snack: Peach
5:00pm Dinner: 300g lean steak, 2 * large organic tomatoes, and ¼ of a red cabbage. This is the first protein i have eaten since Tuesday and had me salivating all day. I had it marinating in a soy, ginger, garlic, chilli, cracked pepper sauce for 8 hrs. I simply cut the tomatoes in half and the ¼ cabbage into slices. The entire meal was cooked on a BBQ in under 10min. The meat was cooked on the grill to allow excessive fat to drop off and the veggies on the hot plate. I added balsamic vinegar, salt and cracked pepper to the veggies to give them a flavour boost.
So that’s it – that has been the focus of my life for the last couple of days. I haven’t been CAL counting – but if you guys recommend it I probably will start.

Well for starters I feel fantastic (most of the time) – mentally and physically. I feel that this is a great starting point – taking away all my excesses in one hit then after the initial week I will slowly ween myself back on them to find the correct balance.
There are times throughout the day where I feel sluggish/flat – that’s when I bring out a coke zero.
The only real complaint so far is the occasional headache – so now I have a box on Panadol in my car. However I’ve only needed 4 pills so far – so this has been a minimal effect
I feel better for it – however the weight results will have to come later as i don’t have a scale in my hotel ;(
So finally:

Where do i go from here – I feel this is about as extreme as i can juggle concurrently with work – where do you recommend I go from here.


Cheers again in advance
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Re: Kickstart Needed

Postby Jackback » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:56 am

So. i'm still ticking over with this new eating regime. Having a little more headache issues yesterday so i jumped a day on the program.
Breakfast was coffee, glass of light milk, and an apple.
Snacked on fruit and veg
Lunch: couldn't face the soup so i had a banana and two pieces me fruit.
Dinner: as i didn't eat much today i cooked half a cup of brown rice with fresh veg, a mug of meso cabbage soup
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Re: Kickstart Needed

Postby Jackback » Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:01 pm

Just on a side note i have been walking 30 to 40 min on most days.
I spend most of my time travelling or working from my car so its quite random.
The addition of the carb's last night has really helped with the headaches. Feeling fantastic today. I'm now just following on from the quantity and types of food i have been having the last week. Perhaps a few more cal should be added?
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Re: Kickstart Needed

Postby Jackback » Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:08 pm

I'm also taking a very cold turkey approach to wine and beer.
Eating out is off also.
There is absolutely nothing in my house that could allow me to break my plan. I've even removed the sugar and oil :)

This is my first official diet so i'm treating it as a test of my willpower. Playing against my cravings - putting a positive spin on the headaches. Fighting the good fight :-)
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Re: Kickstart Needed

Postby Shalimar » Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:20 pm

Good luck Jack, you are off to a great start by removing all temptations.

SW: 175.0 kgs.
CW: 62 kgs-Hit goal 12 September 2009.
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