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pobox867's goal: sz 12 by Xmas

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Re: pobox867's goal: sz 12 by Xmas

Postby pobox867 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:25 pm

Dear Me,
I did it!!! I got on the treadmill - (when I really really really didn't want to) I did 3km - around 33minutes um I think 170 cals worth.

I could feel my lovehandles area jiggling around and felt like kind of pins and needles going through that area... like maybe the blood was getting through my fat. I'm hanging to get into the 84 kilo zone. God I'm so excited about that, cos then its 83, then 82, then 81, then 80 and then 79 and then HOORAY I'm not obese anymore!!! And won't look like a FULL tub of lard.

Bring on 84 zone please!!!!

me :)
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Re: pobox867's goal: sz 12 by Xmas

Postby pobox867 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:44 pm

I have fallen off the wagon. Hence no posting. Going on holidays tomorrow. Haven't gained anything, haven't lost anything.
BLAH. blah blah!!! *grump*
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Re: pobox867's goal: sz 12 by Xmas

Postby pobox867 » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:30 am

Dear Diary,
Well I'm back from holidays. I gained 1.2kg (from 85.6 to 86.8) and considering how much I've eaten over the last 2 weeks, I'm surprised at only gaining that much! I've been back 1 day and already back to my good-eating regime and got on the treadmill last night and did 5km. So, this morning I had a drop to 86.2. So, I'm back on the wagon!

All I want is 80 kilos at this stage! And that will take me more than 6 weeks, so I MUST be vigilant.
Have a great day!

PS I really think that although I had only lost 3.5kg before my holidays, It was true weight loss (not just water) and so therefore, didn't gain so rapidly. Hooray!
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Re: pobox867's goal: sz 12 by Xmas

Postby Shalimar » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:46 am

Welcome back pobox, I hope you had a great holiday :) .

SW: 175.0 kgs.
CW: 62 kgs-Hit goal 12 September 2009.
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Re: pobox867's goal: sz 12 by Xmas

Postby emmer138 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:36 pm

hey i was just reading through your posts and oh my gosh.. at 71kg you were a size 10?! :O i'm 170cm tall, so we're pretty much the same height.. and im around the 78kg mark now and i'm still in size 14-16! you must have the most awesome bodyshape ever haha do you have pics? i've never been this light so i don't even know what size i'll be when i get to my goal weight of 65kg :?
9/12/2013 - 93.7kg

To reach 91.7kg by 23rd Dec (2kg loss / BMI 32.11)
To reach 87kg by 27th Jan (7kg loss / BMI 30.46)
To reach 81.7kg by 17th Feb (10kg loss for Soundwave 2014 / BMI 28.61)
To reach 78.7kg by 31st March (15kg loss for my birthday / BMI 27.56)
To reach 75kg by 19th May (18.7kg loss / BMI 26.26)
To reach 70kg by 4th August (23.7kg loss / BMI 24.51)

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Re: pobox867's journey

Postby pobox867 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:26 am

Well, a few months ago, I was full of willpower and my weight had started to shift. THEN I went on holiday and work heated up. So I'm back at 88.1kg. I have a fridge full of yummy food rather than diet food. (went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $245 on a whole lot of junk.

So..... I have to start again. This week's going to be hard because of work, plus what I've got in my fridge. I find it really hard to manage my exhaustion and not eat lollies /sweet things. Because that's when I lose control.

I just don't know where to go from here. I need help. Maybe lite 'n easy might give me the discipline I need. I am carrying too much fat to cope with this heat and GOD I really need to be able to put a swimsuit on to deal with the heat, but I'm just too embarrased about my white flab and bulging tummy.

okay. that's enough moaning.
me x
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