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Kymbahlee's gonna be a yummy mummy!

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Kymbahlee's gonna be a yummy mummy!

Postby cymbahlee » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:49 pm

Hello all! I need some accountability in my life and this is it! I am hopeless about writing down what I eat, so this can be my daily diary.
As you can see from my title I am going to be a yummy mummy. I have 2 daughters, 2 and 4, and twin sons, 6 months, but they were prem so they are 13 weeks adjusted. Yes, my hands are full, and yes, I am tired, but I can't stop let that stop me from losing weight. I put on a lot lot lot of weight with the twins because we knew from 20 weeks twin b was suffering growth restriction and I would be lucky to get past 27 weeks. It was literally lay on the couch and eat. If I woke up at 3am I would make myself eat something, as we wanted twin b to get as big as possible. As it was, we got to 30 weeks exactly, twin a was 1.5kg (3lb 4 oz) and twin b was 890gms (1lb 15 oz). The drs were amazed at how far we got. After they were born, I was 115kgs. The boys were in hospital 97 days, durng which time I lived with my MIL as home in the country was 2 hours away. Lots of emotional eating later, plus late night maccas runs on the way home from hospital, and I came home 114kgs.
My current weight is 107.5kg. I am hoping to drop '30 for 30', 30 kgs for my 30th birthday in July next year. I need big motivation, so I am alternating a Pandora ring with a Target Gift card for every 2.5kgs dropped. So far, I have rewarded myself with a ring and 1 card for losing 5kgs. I know this may seem extravagant, but trust me, i have spent next to nothing on myself since having the kids, and I seriously need a new wadrobe. I have very, very little in clothes, mainly becasue I hate shopping for myself, but also cos it is soooo hard trying to find cool, funky stuff when you are a size 20.
Thanks for reading, and I hope we can support each other on our journey to a new and healthy weight!
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Re: Kymbahlee's gonna be a yummy mummy!

Postby TimidTulip » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:57 pm

I'm with you on the clothes issue! Cant wait to fit into the slimmer trendier clothes hehe.

Your little family sounds a blessing. I won't say you must have your hands full lol ( i read your intro )

Sending positive vibes your way.
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Re: Kymbahlee's gonna be a yummy mummy!

Postby cymbahlee » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:14 pm

Thanks timidtulip! My family is gorgeous, the girls are such great big sisters, and my boys are angel babies. But the looks and comments I get is unbelievable. I've been told 'We were going to try for no. 3 but after what happened to you guys, we'll stick with two" What the??? My twins are a blessing, not something to be avoided! Sorry, slight chip on my shoulder.
My eating was OK today, but that Wind! I walk with the kids, so on a day like today, not possible. Overnight we had a tree blow over plus some of the kids play equipment. I did WiiFit with the girls tonight to make up for it.
Eating is OK, cooked a Shpeherds Pie from Symply Too Good To be True. Yum. Hubby and girls all loved it, and didn't notice I had snuck in extra carrot and capsicum. I must put leftovers straight in the fridge though, otherwise I snack!
Goal for tomorrow: drink more water/green tea.
Still 107kgs.
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