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Down the road again.. for the last time!

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Down the road again.. for the last time!

Postby tiddliewinkz » Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:52 pm

OK so here I am again... like many others here I have been down this road many times before.

I lose weight, feel awesome and my confidence sky rockets... until I slacken off, let myself have one too many treats, or go back for seconds and all of the weight creeps back on leaving me with insanely low self esteem and ultimately just a really depressing outlook on life. As I'm an emotional eater this usually makes me eat more, hate myself more, and the weight just keeps going on. It was spiralling out of control as my boyfriend currently works in the mines so I would have massive binges when he was away to the point where I felt I would burst. Food had become my obsession.

So I finally thought I needed a way out of this vicious cycle. Once I start I'm usually fine but its the first few steps that are always the hardest.

One of the girls at work mentioned Duromine as a way to kick start my weight loss. I did a little research on the net and came across this forum, it gave me the good and the bad and ultimately, the real life ups and downs of it all. So off I went to my doctor who gave me additional information, weighed me and did blood tests.

I wont delve into the details of my journey on Duromine, theres another thread on here for that, but it's definately given me a push in the right direction.

So I started my weight loss journey on 2nd September 09, weighing 75.5kg at 163 cm (5'2"). I want to get to 55kg, so 20kg! My main focus was to cut down on eating out of boredom and because of my emotions and eat better food. Then I was going to start getting into the exercise part of it.

So in the first 2 weeks I lost 6kg, go me! It was a great start to a new beginning. It started slowing down after that, as did the effects of the duromine. I started having days on and off Duromine so that I knew that I could maintain my new amounts of food without the help of medication. It worked well for me and has made me reassured that I do not have to rely on it.

So 3 months on and I'm almost up to the 10kg mark but am still really slack in the exercise department. I hate gyms and enjoy running, and also have a dog that enjoys running so it shouldnt be an issue for me to get out there and run, but I always seem to make an excuse, especially now that it is getting insanely hot. Another main excuse is that I'm tired (as I work shiftwork) I also have a weights bench here that I want to start using, just need to set it up and start the ball rolling.

Anyway, thats my story. I want to make a change that I will be able to stick with, thats why I havent gone with a diet, and I definately need to do more exercise, and hopefully that will come in time.

So my weigh in day is every FRIDAY, the one just gone I weighed in at 66.5kg with a loss of a kilo from the week before. I would love any support, tips on how people started getting active, and most of all - people that just want to say hi!

I hope everyone is doing amazingly on their journeys xx
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Re: Down the road again.. for the last time!

Postby Gordz » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:45 pm

Thought about joining an indoor netball team? You're only 66kgs so should be relatively nimble on your feet? I find that the start stop nature of it gives any intensive interval training a run for it's money... great for cardio, the heart, overall fitness. The team environment is emotionally benificial, supportive and welcoming, and it's an added incentive to try as hard as you can to not let the team down... just an idea :D :idea:
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Re: Down the road again.. for the last time!

Postby tiddliewinkz » Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:49 pm

I have thought of that sort of thing but work shift work so its pretty inconsistant as to which days I get off each week. Great suggestion though, I might look into it and see if there are any with flexible dates :)

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Re: Down the road again.. for the last time!

Postby court » Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:01 pm

I play indoor in two teams, outdoor in two teams and play touch footy in two teams... team sports kick a$$. though I am partial to a spin class here and there also :D good luck in finding a team!
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