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20 kilo Challenge

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20 kilo Challenge

Postby think - thin » Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:34 pm

After having such a horrible year with my weight loss and getting no where (in fact I ended up putting it on) I have decided to re join the forum and get serious again. I thought coming on here again would encourage me to lose some of it.

I had accident and had to get my foot operated on so its been a hard year, and not being able to do physical exercise has really set me back. I am now in the 90's. Which is really depressing. I want to have children soon, and I want to look great for summer, so they are my motivations.

I am going to keep a picture of myself on my wardrobe just to remind me how I am going !!! I know which one I am going to use. Its not nice when you see a pic of yourself and think wow you are FAT .. I actually think I have been in denial all this time. I mean, I know I wasnt a small girl but I didnt think I was this fat :(

Anyway, no point in getting down about it now is there? So, I am hoping to come on here everyday and write down what I am eating, exercise, liquid intake and my feelings for the day, as well as weigh ins..

I look forward to reading everyones progress !!!

Start Weight (2.1.09) 89.6kg
29.3.09 - 84.4kg
18.4.09 - 87.3kg :(
Total Loss : 5.2kg
think - thin
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Re: 20 kilo Challenge

Postby dietmehappy » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:21 am

Hey Think Thin!

Woohoo! we are both changing our lives! You rock!

You are so right - I always have those days when i just stand for hours in front of the mirror thinking 'ohhhhh im soooooooo fat.' or those times when im shopping and every window i pass i look at my reflection and think 'ugh, yuck.' But doing that is not going to help us achieve our goals. Something i found really helps is that - i made a deal with myself that when i am out shopping, i am to look straight ahead ONLY and not feel the call of myold habit of looking in every window so that i can see my reflection and be disgusted. We are making progress and when i feel good, i treat my body better = loose weight, so it really does have benefits.

Good luck with your 20 kilo challenge :) I know you can do it - and those two motivations seem like the best motivations a gal could possibly have!

And with the picture on your wardrobe - it can be a great motivator to have a picture of your former self (i.e when you started your journey at your heaviest) stuck up there, but this also can evoke thoughts such as 'I can believe i let myself get like this' or 'ahhh i have so far to go.' etc, so maybe its a good idea to turn it into a positive experience by putting a photo up of what you want to look like, or a piece of clothing you want to fit into - this way, you can look at it and feel motivated and excited and congratulate yourself that soon it will fit you! thats what ive done anyway, i have the CUTEST glitter skirt dress in a size 12 hanging on my wall, and i look at it everyday!

Hope those ramblings helped, Good luck :)

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