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breaking through

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breaking through

Postby lis_a » Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:53 pm

Hi all. Like so many people my weight, body image and food issues go way back. Back to when as a kid my brothers were encourgaed to eat becuase they were "growing boys" and from the age of at least 6 I was called a "pig" if I had seconds or whatever. My mum, an unhealthy role model (went to extremes to maintain a very underweight physique, days without eating, lying, throwing up) encouraged me to watch what I eat and diet from the age of 10 (I mean I was a normal active healthy child, I would of been considered thin/normal). It got worse as my brothers started calling me pig and fat when I ate normal regular food that the family ate. I became messed up of course going to extremes to not let people see me eat, trying to go without food, throwing up etc.

Now with a daughter of my own, I want her to see me eat 3 healthy meals a day and be a great role model to her for overall health NOT an emphasis on wieght but a balance of positive mental health, fitness, cooking skills and healthy eating and to NEVER feel guilt or shame associated with food that I have felt all my life.

I mean it's just food.

Would really like to talk to anyone with similar emotional type eating experiences. I really want to sort through these issues and am hoping to find support here, I am also considering counselling. I just don't want to live like this, and do not want my daughter to ever feel like this.

I take complete responsibilty for myself and my actions and just want to level out with a healthy life and eating patterns where my body is healthy and eating and weight is consistent. I am trying to lose 5kg and then maintain that weight. I appologise if that seems like a small amount to people here but for a short woman, even a kilo shows up and I feel miserable and depressed that I let this control me and take the focus off more important things in my life, so to me 5kg is a mountain, I don't know how to lose weight healthily I have tried and I end up semi-starving and then reaching my goal and then eating and gaining. repeat thios over and over for years.

Thanks if you read this, I am hoping to support and recieve support and hopefull forfill my health goals and move forward.
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Re: breaking through

Postby bigboomba » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:31 pm

Wow Lis, I had a similar up bringing with food. My brothers were footy players so were encouraged to eat alot, but they forgot about the rest of the family, so I stacked it on, and was then criticised for being "fat".
My own mother used to say the most horrible things to me. She would force me to show her where the clothes sat on me outside of change rooms, so I would be forced to lift up my shirt and show off my tummy. She knew I hated it and I guess she just didn't care.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. After high school, I lost about 20kgs, through bad dieting and alot of exercise. I was about 75kgs and that is the smallest I have been during my adult life. Then I had my kids and now I am up to 105kgs, my highest weight being 109.7kgs (115 when pregnant with my last child).

I am very short too so I understand what you mean when you say every kg shows up.

Counselling is a great idea, or better yet, how about a nutritionist? Or a dietician. They take everything you have been programmed to know about food, and change it into workable and doable eating plans and exercise programs.

I have half of my body weight to lose so I have a fair way to go, but I wish you all the best on your weightloss journey. :wink:
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Re: breaking through

Postby lis_a » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:59 pm

Hi and nice to meet you. It's so sad when parents make children feel so bad about food and their bodies and all I can do and I am sure you want to also is break the cycle so as not to pass it on to my child. I think you are really courageous and I wish you best of luck. Nutritionalist, I hadnt thought of that, do people go as an on-going thing, like every week? Are you still eating the same foods as your kids/partner?
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