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Monica's New Journey to becoming healthy!

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Monica's New Journey to becoming healthy!

Postby Monica1988 » Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:37 pm

Well I thought since for the last month I've been recording what I have been eating I would start my own personal thread and just update everyone on how I'm going and what I'm eating etc. :)

Currently at the moment from the last time I checked the scales I'm about 77.8.. I managed to drop down to 77.5kg and then to 76.7kg but I've gone back up (however its TOTM for me) well lets just see how I go...

I have not been excercising this week due TOTM which I know is no excuse, I just have a rowing machine out the front which tells you how many strokes you have done and how many calories you have burnt.

Todays Meal is:

Breakfast: 1 Bowl of Fruit Salad
& 2 pices of plain toast.

Lunch I'm guessing I might have some Sour Krout or a Ham Sandwich.

Dinner Yet to be decided at this stage... we might be having Chicken.

One thing I am happy to say is that last Friday my Partner had his Work Christmas Function and I managed to not have any Alcohol (well just a sip) to myself even though there was a TAB on beer and spirits... I was craving Malibu and Pineapple but instead I ended up having 3 Diet Cokes for the whole night and some nibbles. Normally I'd drink alot and then afterwards crave mad for McDoanlds but that night I stopped myself even being tempted by watching other people eat McDoanlds. :D
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Re: Monica's New Journey to becoming healthy!

Postby Monica1988 » Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:33 pm

Well last nights dinner was some Chicken with a bit of pasta on the side and some sprout/bean salad that I made. :)

Dessert was just some watermelon and a yoghurt/jelly... probably need to slow down after dinner but I find that it's so hard at that particular time as my cravings start to kick in.

Day 2.

Breakfast Skipped (I know thats bad - wont be making a habbit of that)
Lunch Salmon sandwich whith wholemeal bread and 1 strawberry yoghurt
Afternoon snack Had some rice cakes and before that a few sugar free lollies... (something I shouldn't rely on, should of gotten a pice of fruit instead!)

1 Boost Juice (Gym Junkie)

Dinner Not sure just yet.

Dessert Will probably just be a piece of fruit or yoghurt.

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Re: Monica's New Journey to becoming healthy!

Postby Monica1988 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:42 am

Well dinner last night ended up being Ham/Vege Keish and Salad... for dessert I ended up having some strawberries and some youghurt and then had some sugar free lollies and tic tacs which I probably shouldn't of had any! :x


Breakfast 1 Bowl of Cereal and 1 Boysonberry Yoghurt
Lunch 1 Ham Sandwich with lettuce and some water
Afternoon Snack 1 Passionfruit Yoghurt and Boost Juice (I ended up having 2) :roll:
Dinner Thin sliced Vege Pizza from Pizza hut... yes I'm telling myself it's bad but at least I got the thin crut. :|
Dessert this is where I kinda loose track a bit... some tic tacs, 2 musk sticks, some strawberries and one iced tea (peach flavoured) which I tried to water down as much as I could so it wasn't too sweet.

I did however manage to weigh myself today and it seems I'm down to 75.7kg so thats a loss of almost 2 kgs which I'm surprised since last time I weight myself I was 77... the scales keep bouncing up and down. I need to definitely do some excercise tomorrow to burn that pizza off... back to the rowing machine I go!
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