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Sarah's Duromine Adventure!

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Sarah's Duromine Adventure!

Postby autumns_mummy » Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:54 pm

Hi there!!

I'm Sarah and I'm 22 years old, with a BMI of 30... I'm 166cm tall and 85kg (all of these measurements taken on Thursday 20th of Jan). I went to my Dr after trying everything I possibly could and not losing one kilo, for the better part of 6 months. He prescribed me with Duromine.

To be honest, I was very apprehensive. I'd read all about it, and knew the worst side effects that could happen. I was terrified! I was also scared that for some reason they might not work - after all, if this didn't work then I may as well be fat forever...

BUT Today is Day 3. And I have had 3 regular-small meals every day. Today I'm starting to notice my appetite come back a little, in the form of a "rumbly" feeling stomach, but I still haven't had a snack. I did get hungry around 10am this morning (after only 1 weetbix with milk for breakfast) so I had a plum and it fixed it right up! I'm feeling healthier and more energetic than I have I think ever!

I walked 3.5km home from work today, just because I couldn't bring myself to catch the bus or the train! Every time I thought about it I almost got upset cause I just wanted to walk! I'm stoked!

Anyway I haven't had any of the bad side effects... So far I'm sleeping perfectly (I'm setting my alarm at 6am to take my tablet each day) and haven't had any crazy mood swings. I haven't had any heartrate or blood pressure issues. I haven't had any trouble breathing. I have a decreased appetite, and while I didn't feel the initial "burst" of energy people talk about, it's more like a slow release almost. Like when I start exercising, I don't really want to stop. Or when I'm thinking about things to do/places to go, I want to walk to these places :)

Anyway I don't know if anyone will follow or not, but I want to keep this diary somewhere :)

Sarah xx
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Re: Sarah's Duromine Adventure!

Postby autumns_mummy » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:36 am

Hey! It's nice to see some people actually read this! That gives me a bit more motivation again!!

So, Day 4 -

Again, feeling great! After Autumn's bottle this morning, she had about 30mins before bedtime for her, and instead of procrastinating and making excuses (Oh, it's too close to her bedtime) I chucked her in the Baby Bjorn and went for a 30 minute walk! Came home, put her to bed, and weighed myself...

Another kg gone! So I'm now 83kg by Dr's measurements, and 81kg on the Wii (not sure which is more accurate - Dr has the OLD weight scale)!

I'm feeling so incredible. It's just awesome!! I'm going to walk to the library with Autumn later today too!

Anyway I'll keep you posted :)
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