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march 11th part2

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march 11th part2

Postby liddypie » Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:46 pm

hey =)
so i just figured out how to do this... yay
and i just realized i may not have told you the full story. the reason my page is titled '11th march' is because that is my goal time. i have given myself 6 weeks to lose 3kgs and keep it off. so concluding todays progress, i had a very healthy breakfast, went shopping (incidental exercise woooo!!!) ate lots of fruit and feel really good about myself right now. i am going for a picnic with some friends tonight and i am making homemade vegetarian pizza =P so excited. it makes me feel soo good when i can make really healthy stuff and that i know what is going into/on it =)

i really want to hear about your progress. your triumphs, your fallings but most of all i want to encourage you in any way possible and to also be encouraged. cause the thing is....we are all in this together. we all have the same dream to be comfortable with ourselves and to lose weight or maintain it =) lets encourage one another and inspire each other to be their best.

tomorrow is going to be a very busy day so i dont no where i will find time for exercise. im thinking tomorrow is going to be a weights day =)
pluss tomorrow there is going to be lots of good food for a celebration. hopefully there will be fruit!!!!
i have decided that i am going to be completely honest with you. i will tell you if i have eaten something bad. and i wont feel guilty about it because i will have enjoyed every second of it but i will be determined to not be persuaded into things that will make me sad.

each day i will write something encouraging to help you all embark on your day and to committ to being healthy. i hope that what i write will help you in some way.
i would love to hear from you..

lots of love
liddypie x

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."
stay strong, dont give into temptation and believe that you can do it, cause i believe you can =)
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