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march 3

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march 3

Postby liddypie » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:16 pm

so today is sunday. i woke up early and did a weights session. it was good. i had a really good breakfast but i decided that sunday would be my cheat day. it will help me to enjoy my favourite foods for one day and not feel bad about it. it will give me a chance to realize that i wont have any of that stuff for the rest of the week but just to enjoy my progress and everything.

i think that having a cheat day is very important because just completely cutting out foods very suddenly wont do anything for you. you will feel stressed and you will just lose the battle and eat far more junk than you want to.

so today i had chocolate and pizza. and boy was it good. =)
tomorrow i will be going on a very big bike ride and doing a weights session early in the morning. =) having fun things to do for exercise is the best.

hope you had a good weekend. good luck for the next week.
keep me updated =)

lots of love
liddypie x

" Learn to be flexible; it makes the curves in your life path much easier to maneuver." Cherie Carter-Scott
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