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Cheeky's weight loss progress

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Cheeky's weight loss progress

Postby cheeky1984 » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:45 pm

Hi, I started on Duromine today well the generic brand metermine. I have tried many diets only to fall back into the same bad habbits. I'm studing and working and find i skip meals, snack on junk when studying and my meal portions are way to big. I know the mistakes i make but dont seem able to break them. So as a last resort i have got the prescribtion from my GP (with i lot of questioning from the doctor and a lot of begging from me) they dont give prescriptions easily. i am just over the average BMI so classed as overweight, but my height does help me hide the weight. I dont remember a time when i have actually been happy with my body size except post pubity. So anyways to help me stick to this i have joined this site to help me record and gain inspiration from others storys.

current weight - 84kg
height - 176cm
BMI - 27.1

Day ! - Woke up for work at 4:30 so took Metermine first thing with my breakfast. I'm told Metermine keeps you awake and by some of the forums here it is common, so lucky for me in a way i'm an early riser. I was expecting the headaches and dizziness today but didnt happen. However the 'Dry mouth' i did get started about 11am and is constant. On the bright side i've been drinking pleanty of water but on the negative to that i have to go to the toilet every half hour :) large water intake is recommended so i can deal with the dry mouth. had breaky fruit and yogurt then an apple for morning tea, i did feel very hungry by luch at 12:30 but after having 1 salad sandwich i was feeling very full, did not snack once i got home from work like i usually do, i will still full, possibly from all the water im drinking. so a small portioned dinner tonight and cross my fingers i can sleep.
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Cheeky's weight loss

Postby cheeky1984 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:40 pm

So day 2 today - sleept really well last night, no problems there, however at about 8pm i started feeling out-of-it, staring into space ect, and got slightly dizzy. Today took pill again at 4am and has curved my cravings all day, just had dinner and no junk food. i want even tempted to eat the lollies on the staff table at work. So really happy, i'm only 2 days in but cant wait for my weekly weigh-in.

I will leave my posts at that untill my weigh-in unless some symptoms occur from the metermine, but cross fingers so far so good.
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