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Tiaflower's progress 1

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Tiaflower's progress 1

Postby tiaflower » Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:09 pm

So, last week, I started my weight loss journey.
Well technically I had started it 2 years ago when I was around the 120-130kilo mark.
Went down to 95kg, then last year gained about 10kilos back.
I decided enough was enough.
For me, this is a huge personal journey as I had struggled with bulimia and severe depression on top of all of this.
So for me, its more than just losing weight to look nicer.
For me its to be happier, to be healthier for my body and my brain.
So through my nutrionist and psychologist, they recommended lite'n'easy as the smaller constant meals will be better for my body plus for me, its teaching me what are better healthier foods for me and to teach my body how to be properly full.
So started wed 23feb at 103kilos (lost 2 since the start of the year).
To be honest it was a horrid first week. I was sick with a nasty cold AND had my period. So i was feeling sick, and craving chocolate horribly.
The first 4-5 days were horrible. I had head aches, stomach hunger pains, and had horrid mood swings.
I am lucky that I have my mother who is supporting me and was there whenever I wanted to just whinge and complain about everything.
I was good and did 5 20-30 min walks throughout the week.
Eventually day 7 came in and I saw that I lost 3 kilos in one week!
So now I am in my second week.
I've started doing zumba (I bought the dvd set).
I am lucky that I had a latin upbringing so learning most of the dance moves weren't difficult. Im doing my best to do some sort of exercise everyday. Because I've noticed that the moment I skip a day. I feel terrible the next time I exercise -.-
So today, I am feeling pretty good. I'm also finding that I'm thinking alot more clearer, I feel a bit more active rather than just wanting to stay in bed all day and do nothing.
Hopefully I progress further and further...
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