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Jasmines journey

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Jasmines journey

Postby jasmineleigh » Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:48 pm

Hi everyone

first time on here and i have made a topic in the challenge section to kick start my new lifestyle!
10 week challenge so fingers cross il get some support from other who join me.

I currently weigh 68.2 which is the most i have ever weighed its only the last two years iv really put the weight on.
I am a well i was what u would say a small and quite skinny person its really just weight around my tummy hips and latley
my legs and oh people keep reminding me i look a bit bloated in the face geez thanks alot :lol: that is bugging me im not
huge or anything i just want some confidence back i avoid going out i wont go to the beach and i buy baggy clothes and always
where jackets i am so sick of feeling like this i want to wake up and put a pair or jeans and a normal top on and feel normal
and not stand in the mirror wishing my tummy away.

I think my problem is im a dreamer not a do-er iv never had to exercise and i think if i did id loose the weight, my doctor has suggested it may be the implannon so i might get that taken out i think its more like the junk and all the alcohol i drink and il eat healthy but as soon as i get bored or upset or anything i eat junk and drink....

i have been doing some research and have read the gabriel method and tiffany halls new book and think i have found a happy medium
that i can take there suggestions and kind of make it fit my lifestyle i am only in my 20's so it shouldnt take me long to get into it.

my big problem is i work away and all our meals are cooked and we dont get alot of choice in what we get so i cant just cut out bread or what ever so i guess im going to really up the excercise to burn off all the calories i eat.

Basically i am going to try cut all alcohol out and replace with water or green tea, no juice or soft drinks
choose salad no chips ect. and hopefully i can loose some weight.

I have also brought the isowhey shakes i love the taste and will prob have them in the morning instead of the fatty toasted cheese or bacon and egg s/w we normally get,

i would love if someone could give me some tips or ideas of what i could do i am new at this and just want some support really
i am going to keep posting here as i think it will help me to commit to changing my habbits!!!
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