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Lisa's journey

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Lisa's journey

Postby Lisa79 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:32 pm

Hey all,
I'm starting a challenge today, 1st August, to lose 43kgs. I'm undertaking a challenge with contours gym. My start weight is 98kgs and I need to get to 55kgs. I'll be setting 10kg mini goals with a hopefull 1kg average loss a week. Hard I know. But I'm determined.

I gained 40kgs suddenly about 6yrs ago through medication and sugar cravings. I've always been slim but am now a size 18 and hating it. I had a back injury 4yrs ago which hasn't helped.

I've never really tried to lose weight as it just seems too damn hard. I talk about it a lot but don't act. I've been moderately exercising and eating mostly decent but I have some health problems, due to obesity, that makes weighloss slower and harder for me than other people. I need to have a strict eating plan and exercise regime to shock my system and see results. Docs have said I need to shock my system for my blood levels to become normal. Just before Easter this year I went hardcore and lost 6kgs in a week. But I lost my mojo.

I plan on rapid loss meal replacement shakes, grapefruit, low fat low GI yoghurt, salad and lean meat. Boring as hell but till I reach my first mini goal I'm going to do it.

weights in open gym 20mins
Shbam dance aerobics class 45mins
contours circuit and boxercise 30mins

cardio in open gym 20mins
body pump class 60mins
contours circuit and boxercise 30mins

fatburner aerobics class 45mins
contours circuit and boxercise 30mins

Once I'm in the swing of exercising and after winter I'd like to pick up evening classes too. I walk to the gym so it will have to wait till daylight savings I think.

I'll post weekly progress reports on eating habits, exercise routines, and weight loss. I'll also discuss and challenges and mood behaviour changes I notice. At my first mini goal achievement I'll measure myself too to see how my body has changed (I didn't bother posting my current readings).

Happy weightloss everyone

ps, I'm bloody hungry already
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