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Rachie Kay Weight Away!

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Rachie Kay Weight Away!

Postby RachieK » Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:47 pm

20 September 2011 - Day One

Breakfast: cafe latte shake with Zymil full cream (just cos I didn't have low)

Lunch: 1 serve Burgen weight management bread (2 slices), 1 sml tin sun dried tomao tuna, 1 apple.

Dinner: microwave meal

- 20mins HIIT
- 2x 10 push ups
- 2x 30 crunches
- 2x 30 bicycle crunches
- 2x weight medley per arm
- 2x 20 squats
- 2x 20 lunges

Water: 1L (so far - 12:45pm)
YOU can do it!

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Re: Rachie Kay Weight Away!

Postby matchbox » Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:28 pm

hiiiii!! good to see you around rachie :mrgreen: but you need to eat more woman, you're going to starve! :shock: have a couple of snacks :wink:
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Re: Rachie Kay Weight Away!

Postby RachieK » Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:04 pm

Ok well I have kinda sucked at my workouts but I found out that during a normal work day i do 3500 steps, and then I learnt that if i walk my dog around the streets i can add another 3500 :) Close to 10,000.

My eating has been up and down. I have been eating 1670 calories (recommended) or over per day. Today I ate over.

Breakfast: 1 apple and 5 strawberries
Lunch: brown rice, 4 bean mix, sml tin of corn
Dinner: 1 chicken and leek pie.

Snacks: 1 bag of starburst berries and cream, 1 mars bar and 1 monster energy drink.

6 glasses of water

**my snacks were not very wise - problem**

So I am going to stick to a calorie controlled diet + exercise. I want to achieve 10,000 steps per day plus workouts but we shall see how I go.

I am 86kg at the moment and want to reach 65kg (or close to).
1st goal: 80kgs
2nd goal: 75kgs
3rd goal: 70kgs
4th & final goal: 65kgs
YOU can do it!

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