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the battle to loose 40kg excess weight journey

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the battle to loose 40kg excess weight journey

Postby byebyefat » Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:56 pm

:shock: ok, so week one starting weight 91.5kg, 163cm tall female.
change of diet, and started on fatblaster, pills.. i started on Tuesday 8pm 20th, of September and today is Saturday the 24th, my weight in this morning = 88.4kg,
i started running in the night before bed around 10.30pm i stopped my all night snacking, and milk drink habits, my running is actually jogging cause im so unfit right now.
during the day i still eat, but trying not to eat from around sunset onwards.
i do around 50-100 sit ups after sunset.
i think i need to get up earlier to do more sit ups n jogging thou to wake my body up for the day. i want to be down the 80 kg in two weeks from my starting date.
if you guys have any ideas that worked for you in the start as weight loss exercise and diet tips im happy to have a listen cause obviously my weight is crazy atm so need to loose it. asap thanks
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Re: the battle to loose 40kg excess weight journey

Postby Wockets » Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:27 am

GOOD LUCK on your journey! I wish you all the best. How are you finding the Fatblaster pills? Many side effects?????
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Re: the battle to loose 40kg excess weight journey

Postby byebyefat » Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:04 pm

Hi thanks for your reply.
I have found a few side effects so far nothing to dramatic, I find that they are helping with cravings, like sugar, and meals, they defiantly make you feel full although you have barely eaten which for us over weight is a great thing. I feel full as soon as I eat (amazing) and not craving sugar is amazing for me cause I love the stuff.
The cons of the product for me, could be different for you or anyone else, is elevated heart rate, I can usually feel my heart beating all the time, even doing nothing, If I take the product later in the day, I find it very difficult to fall asleep, it was worse at the start but I found if I don't take any late in the day it is easier to sleep.
The last two times I was on them after a while I noticed depression onsets and crazy low moods all the time, with high energy levels. I do not know how it effects my mood as such but so far this time week one is fine, that was the worst thing I use to be 50kg and to maintain the weight low I stayed on pills, I did have crazy mental battles, very low self esteem, be prepared if you use them that yes you will loose weight fast but in not taking them you might re gain it rapidly as well, well I did. Let someone know that you trust that you are going on them, and if you start loosing your mind or something they will let you know and get off them if they aren't for you.
I think I rate them around a 8/10.
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