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91.5kg-84.9kg, in 14days.

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91.5kg-84.9kg, in 14days.

Postby byebyefat » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:47 am

Weight loss Numbers Weight Date
Day1 91.5kg 20/09/2011
Day2 91kg 21/09/2011
Day3 89.6kg 22/09/2011
Day4 89kg 23/09/2011
Day5-8 88.8kg 24/09/2011
Day9 89.6kg 28/09/2011
Day10 86.7kg 29/09/2011
Day11 86.3kg 30/09/2011
Day 12 86.5 1/09/2011
Day 13 85.3 2/09/2011
Day 14 84.9 3/09/2011

Ok, so finding a healthy way to do this, this is what I am doing, weather its al right or not, I don't know. They say you are not meant to loose more then a kg a week, however, I'm racing time to loose my weight. And finding a balance is hard.
I have daily goals, which most of the time I miss anyway...

Today day 14 weigh in was this morning I will re weigh tonight before bed, hoping that after work and exercise today's weigh in goal is 84.4kg,
I am eating all my meals per day, most of them are healthy now, I have tuna a lot, cause it's a type of fish.
I have it for breakfast, and dinner, and lunch is a meat type, not in oils, most of the time, with a light salad, if I put dressing on it, only a small amount cause it's no good.
Most of my fluids are scented water and lime or water and lemon.
If I have a sugary drink I tip half in a water bottle and both halves are filled up with water.
I try not to buy these but hey, temptation gets the better of me.
At night I drink black tea no sugar, I find earl grey tastes ok.
I also learnt veggies are best done in the micro wave in a sealed container, cause apparently when you cook em in a pan on the stove the good stuff escapes, I do not know if this is true.

Also if I am eating at night time, I go for a jog first, my theory it to activate my metabolism, then after I eat about 20 minutes later, i go for another jog, I jog cause I am no good at running. I find I jog about 30-60 minutes a day, I am doing sit ups every couple of days, about 50 in one session.
To be honest, if I don't loose over 500grams a day, I go jogging again, kinda until I at least hit my goal, or calculate by sun up I should hit my goal, I take my final result of the day pm before bed, I take the final number then, so it's after all liquid, and food has been consumed.
so today's weigh in number should be lower tonight but we will see.

:) Good luck with your journey.
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