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No exercise the last couple a days = a gain. :(

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No exercise the last couple a days = a gain. :(

Postby byebyefat » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:24 pm


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Day10 86.7kg 29/09/2011
Day11 86.3kg 30/09/2011
Day 12 86.5 1/09/2011
Day 13 85.3 2/09/2011
Day 14 84.9 3/09/2011
Day 15 86.1 4/10/2011
Day 16 85.4 5/10/2011
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Re: No exercise the last couple a days = a gain. :(

Postby XdanielX » Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:00 pm

Maybe consider cutting down your calorie consumption per day a little bit.

If going just a couple of days without exercise makes you gain weight then it does sound to me like you are eating slightly too much for what you weigh therefor pretty much relying on exercise as the sole tool for achieving your weight-loss and we can't exercise all the time!

Maybe, if you want too, consider finding out your BMR and then finding out how many calories for your body is the Deficit/Maintenance/Surplus level and then eat at maintenance or if you can at deficit (but only about 100-300 calories below maintenance or you risk eating too little, also try to make sure protein makes up about 35-40% of your calories).

That way exercise will be beneficial to your health and fitness and still aid in your weight loss in a big way, but you will not rely on it to the point that if you don't do it for a couple of days you start putting on weight

Hope I helped a bit.

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